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5 Essential Denim Jeans for Guys | Affordable Men’s Fashion

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5 different styles of affordable and essential denim jeans for guys in H&M stores right now.

Shop the pieces here:

Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

Look 4
Tank Top

Look 5
Bomber Jacket
T-Shirt (actual shirt coming to the website soon!!)
Bucket Hat

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Links to shop the pieces down below:


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FTC: This video is sponsored by H&M

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  1. One Dapper Street

    I hope you enjoyed today’s video guys! Lemme know which one was your favorite look 🙂 oh and if you’re in NYC and like any of the pieces, go shop at the renovated Broadway H&M store .. was just in there to prep for this video and it’s incredible what they turned that location into — seriously!! Cheers, M

    1. Chirag Singh

      @Rick Nihan they’re called no show socks. That way you have socks on, but you can keep your ankles bare. I prefer regular long socks with formals, but otherwise I also use no show socks. They’re pretty cheap too

    2. Aditya Bhale

      Yup bro u always inspire me.
      I’m also a model.
      I look at u as a role model where u make me relish tht oooh wait this can be done as well.
      Keep up the good work and hope we meet in future ♥️

  2. Jalil Wright

    I don’t know why but all jeans from H&M never fit right when I try to buy jeans but Uniqlo jeans fit me better so I’ll try these options with those.

    Great video keep up the good work!

  3. Shoobbie C

    First up – Congratulations on being appointed Ambassador of H&M! They’ve definitely made the smartest move in appointing you! Secondly, you can pull off the jeans look whether you roll them up or not. Finally, all 5 looks is a winner to me.


    I found you through suggested videos. First your videos are very informative. I just made a YouTube channel so I’m definitely doing my research. Please keep it up! Just subbed 😊.

  5. M j G

    Thanks. Would love to see you in Levis sometime!! Im surprised Levis hasnt approached you to ambassador their cuts and jeans. Would be very versatile for you and I’m a big fan of Levis. Hope it happens.

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