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Crossdresser – ROMWE clothes haul – dresses, tunic and yoga pants | NatCrys

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Music is 1) "Standing Here" by Silent Partner and 2) "Soft" by Jingle Punks from the YouTube Audio Library.

DISCLAIMER: This video is of me, a crossdresser (or transgender, transvestite, genderfluid whatever label you want to put on it). I enjoy dressing like a girl / woman.. especially in a sexy and fashionable way.

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  1. John Marine

    Legs, high heels, and awesomeness. Wow! This would be my list of favorites from most favorite to least favorite: (despite its very daring character) the black/white/yellow floral tunic/dress (1st outfit), the white/black porcelain dress with the red pumps (2nd outfit), the black dress with white accents and sandals (3rd outfit), and the yoga pants with pumps (4th outfit). These are all some fine outfits styled fabulously by you. Amazingly styled all the way.

  2. Jenny CD

    You are so gorgeous Natassia!! I love all your outfits… Especially the blue and white dress, it looks stunning with your incredible sexy legs!! Your beautiful feminine walk is such a wonderful pleasure to watch!! Lots of love… Jenny

  3. JennyTV63swe

    A beautiful and classy Natassia , like all variations of your dresses , especially the black and white …and absolutely love all your high heels 🙂 ….and of course, 4 clicks from me

    1. natcrys

      Thanks Jenny! First of all, I’m glad you liked the outfits and of course, the heels.. I know that we’re both crazy about sexy stiletto heels! 😉 Secondly, thanks so much for clicking on the links even though you didn’t have to.. that means a lot! 🙂

  4. Sidney Mathious

    That dress is so pretty and look great on you. I love how glamorous you are in it and the high heels youa are wearing. The tights you have on looks great on your sexy body and I love how great you are in them.

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