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  1. Des Swags Curtain & Blinds Maker

    Yes I do use scissors and I properly have over 20, but It hurt my hand. I had carpal tunnel syndrome on both hands, had the operation about 5 years ago and try not to do too much repetitious when not needed, when it affects my wrist. I have been sewing for over 41 years, thank you for you comment

    1. Des Swags Curtain & Blinds Maker

      Thank you Jason for agreeing with me. I do not have the patient to stab stitch by hand all the way round a jacket so I’ll never do it, but their must be a machine that can do it, and I’ll use that.

    2. Jason Lightoller

      @Des Swags Curtain Maker
      I agree, top stitching (in true tailoring) is never EVER done by machine, it’s always done by hand using what a dressmaker would call a “stab” stitch.  In tailor’s terms it’s known as “edging”, and is the tiny little stitches placed about a 1/4″ apart – much more elegant than machine edging, which I wholeheartedly agree with you – looks cheap 🙂

    3. Jason Lightoller

      Yes you can ask away and I’ll try to help, unfortunately I don’t have any sewing videos on YouTube, but with the wealth of experience you have I doubt I would be able to teach you something that you don’t already know 🙂

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