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Iran Shuts 800+ Stores For Selling ‘Western’ Women’s Clothing

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Iran’s state TV says police have shut down more than 800 clothing stores across the country for selling “unconventional and inappropriate” attire — believed to mean Western-style outfits and women’s clothing that doesn’t meet strict Islamic requirements…

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    1. Ben R

      @Daniel Lööf Christians never label Christianity “the religion of peace” because they don’t have to rush to its defense when there’s another terrorist attack committed in the name of islam. The motivation behind most terrorist attacks sadly is islam. People are just to much of pussies to state that in fear of being called a racist.

    2. TheLoofer

      +KamcorderRecords yes, some people do hideous crimes in the name of christianity as well, but it’s not “the religion of peace”…islam is by the majority of muslims (and others) called “the religion of peace”, it’s not often I’ve heard people say the same thing about christianity, not even christians says that. But again, religious books overall is not a good guideline for peace

    3. KamcorderRecords

      +jpolka24 Kyle just covered a story about a woman who murdered her daughter because she was “possessed”. And woman who beat her son with a hanger. AND in the South people say they have an excuse to grossly neglect their kids to the point that they die, and say, you can’t arrest me because *muh religious freedom”

    1. A Ghost Without a Past

      Ex-boyfriends accusing their ex of receiving positive coverage because they are in a relationship with the journalist.
      Billboards showing the villain of a movie choking a female main character.
      Video Games where you can kill, abuse and treat women like objects of lust.

      Plz don’t shoot me, I’m being sarcastic. 😛

    1. Alex Halpren

      @***** It can be used for any argument. Including the SJW and Tumblr genders one. Like so: It’s 2016! We should believe that I’m a genderqueer vagisexual!

      It shouldn’t be used in an argument, people used it in 2015 and they use it in 2016. It doesn’t make the argument any more valid.

    1. KingLink95

      +vick3d He was talking about overthrowing Mossedegh dumbass. Khoemeni played on that populist anger after Debbie Wass…I mean the CIA and the Shah cheated Mossedegh out of his position as prime minister.

  1. H Far

    I really appreciate that you care about our people, and the way you know what exactly going on in here is amazing, thank you, have you seen those videos about rabbles and thugs in Iran some years ago the videos that shows how police beating them in streets ? do you know where are they now? those rabbles are in government service now, they work for municipal administration, government gives them money to silence people

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