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Kleinfeld’s Most Expensive Wedding Dresses | Say Yes To The Dress

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Staying on budget can sometimes be the toughest part of shopping for a wedding dress.
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    1. The Dog Coconut

      Lol exactly I was confused because I thought I somehow accidentally skipped to the end of the episode but this is ONLY THE WHAT DRESS I was in utter shock like holy mother of dress

  1. wincher7

    I know she seems like a gold digger, but she’s actually richer than sonny, and they have 2 kids together. They actually really love each other. She comes from a rich family and is a criminal defense attorney in Brooklyn so is pretty damn loaded

    1. First name Last name

      My dress was $600. It was on sale because I bought it at the end of the season and they were trying to clear out their old stock for new dresses. Will anyone know that the dress was from last season? No. But it’s my dream dress and it looks stunning! It look like a $5k dress. It’s a nude dress with white lace and a long train.
      Don’t settle for less, just be smart with your money. I got it from David’s bridal.
      If you want a cheaper dress you can even try a “prom dress” that is white or a “white gown” as soon as you say “wedding” the price will double.

  2. Grilled cheese Lady

    She’s no gold digger. She’s an attorney and makes plenty of her own money. Maybe she paid for the wedding. Who knows? If you can afford these things, why not? Sonny can afford it. He’s just in shock that dresses can cost that much.

  3. April Galash

    My dress cost $150, my veil was $25. I spent a year sewing pearls on both and ended up in the dress of my dreams. Still married after 34 years – the dress is long gone. It was a dress for a day not the defining moment of my life.

    1. Elaine Wood

      Thank you!!! I have been married for over 30 years, and my entire wedding didn’t cost what some of these dresses do. I love “Say Yes to the Dress”, but it absolutely astounds me that weddings have evolved into BIG BUSINESS these days. So many brides are thinking “I want to be a princess on my wedding day”, and I’M thinking “Little Girl, you NEED to be thinking and realizing the gravity of what you are walking in to.” Weddings do NOT a happy marriage make. Just sayin’…

    2. sarah reynolds

      Thank you! You see the most important thing about getting married is the PERSON you are getting married to. I have picked out a vintage dress for about 500euro. I love it. And we wont be inviting 100s of people. Marriage is for a lifetime, not a day.The only sadness on my day is my parents are not here anymore. No amount of money can replace that.

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