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No Girls Allowed: Women’s clothing designed for men

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After an eternity of clothing restrictions, men have finally broken free. No Girls Allowed is the world’s first clothing store that specializes in women’s clothing for men. Get a sneak peek inside the new phenomena that’s taking the fashion world by storm.

A Hambone Group Production:

Tailored by Damon Biviano
Designing by Niko Boles
Purchased by Ryan Nicholson
Fitting by Matthew Levy
Worn by Morgan Christensen
Gifting by Tema Louise Sall
Collected by Dwain Duran
Modeled by Christian Olivo
Catwalking by Brian Graves
Flaunted by Andrew Block

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    1. BlackhawkX02

      Is that for real? xD
      It is true that it is becoming more accepted and that there are straight men that actually like women’s clothing and accessories. But this video was made to be a joke lol

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