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Proper Pant Length | A Guide To Men’s Pant Breaks

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What is the proper pant length for suit pants or trousers? How long suit pants should be is matter of discussion when it comes to the rules of style. Ultimately, however, the length of one’s pants – or how much or little break one’s pants have – is a personal style choice and very much a matter of personal preference, aesthetics and body type.

In this video, I discuss the four of the most common pant breaks – no break, slight break, medium break and full break – and hemlines you’re likely to see as well as some guidance on choosing what pant length is right for you and your personal style.

N.B. The "full break" shown in the video isn't a perfect representation of a true full break. Because of my body type, I don't roll with a wide enough trouser for a pure example of this – the back of the pants should be closer to the ground – but it is the best example I have in my own personal wardrobe.

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    1. Jose Herrera Wade

      Dude, honestly, if they say you’re “overdressed,” then shame on them. If anything, it’s better to be/feel overdressed than to under dress… That’s when you look odd and out of place.

    1. He Spoke Style

      Gentleman Within thanks, Khoi. IMO when you’re talking about a legendary tailor, you should want what that tailor is legendary for. In the case of Edward Sexton, that’s a strong shoulder and particular trouser length.

  1. MsTuliplady

    Thanks! Today I went suit shopping with my father, and I was as useful as a toddler at the auto mechanics. My dad hadnt bought a suit in at least 2 decades. Times have changed! Good to know this stuff

    1. He Spoke Style

      Good question. A big area to pay attention to is your leg opening. One thing I can’t really stand is young dudes with super tapered suit pants trying to rock a pair of chelseas where the pant leg gets bunched up. Important to have something the boot can fit through. Depending on the boot, you’re going to have a little more break than with a pair of lace up shoes or loafers.

    1. He Spoke Style

      Well, the problem with no break and having that “puddle jumper” look is that your pants probably weren’t tapered. In order to pull off the no-break look, your pants have a have a taper to them.

  2. The Kavalier

    Just being able to define “pants break” will put you ahead of most of the men out there. Walk into a typical office building and prepare to cringe as you look around! Great video Brian!

    1. Ron Thompson

      @He Spoke Style said so well. ..it’s horrible how many people, men, don’t properly set the hem and break on thier trousers. From to short, to disgustingly long, dragging and horribly bunched up…. of course I also see way to many who don’t tailor the fit to begin with through out the whole trouser. Kinda makes one wonder any more. You pay good money for a good pair of trousers, and you have no pride in their proper fit.

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