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Randy Fenoli | Bridal Spring 2020 | Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week

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    1. Lune uwu

      Fran Carwile I don’t know why,but are you a grandma? I really like grandma! I actually wish to every grandma I see to be my grandma 🥺💞
      I love you even though I don’t know you!💖

    1. Linda Way

      Randy’s designs are absolutely beautiful! I love that they are decent dresses that can be worn for church weddings. The models Randy chose were beautiful, and had nice smiles on their faces. Wonderful, Randy! You rock!

    1. Hodaya Myers

      @Jackie Pradhan Some people don’t think that they need to be showing their body to the public. For me I don’t leave my own room without properly covering myself even if I’m alone at home it’s just the way I was raised

    2. Just A Pufferfish With Internet Access

      @Jackie Pradhan clearly theres a comment section here of people finding things wrong with it bro. Read the room
      Not everyone has an accepting family or community. Some of us want church weddings.
      And some of us dont think someone should appear naked when in front of their entire friends and family

  1. didi aja

    ✓ stunning back & front both
    ✓ not showing too much skin making them appropriate for church
    ✓ not skin tight making them realistic as most women dont have model size body
    ✓ these bad walking models making them also realistic, that might be us when we walk down the aisle
    amazing job randy!

    1. Elle

      I think it’s because of the cut and design, the materials used like the type of cloth from the waist down and how you’re supposed to walk upon wearing it so that the airy feel, lightness and the overall structure or magnificence of the gown is seen or appreciated by the guests.

  2. Transformación Con Lola

    Randy is so humble and amazing the reason why he start designing again was to create stunning and affordable wedding dresses I love him so much! This collection was AMAZING!

  3. Julie Bonn

    These dresses are all stunning! I chose to believe that he made the dresses to fit real women and real sizes not a model size 0. Randy knows brides aren’t model size and for that I adore him!❤️

    1. Just A Pufferfish With Internet Access

      They dont fit the models because wedding dresses need alterations to be a perfect fit on anyone 🙂 that being said i think he offers plus sizes when they are ordered

    1. Marveley Hughenden

      @Sarah Brown Reading and comprehension are fundamental. That being said, stop taking Meth or whatever you are on, Or maybe you need medication to calm you down. I said nothing that was offensive to Randy and since you are NOT Randy do not respond to me.

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