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Sewing Men’s Selvedge Jeans

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    1. ANGELA KANE Sewing TV

      Hello Lillian, Grading patterns up and down through the sizes is one of the most difficult tasks. You need a combination of a good grading formula and a certain amount of experience. I am planning to cover the topic in the future. In the meantime, the book – Martin Shoben Grading for the Fashion Industry – will start you off.

  1. Roger Crier

    Hi Angela, thanks for all this useful instruction.
    Does the men’s pattern have flat felled seams on the inside leg seam like Levi’s, outside leg seam like Wrangler, or neither like the lady’s video shows? Try not to laugh, but as practice, I have bought a pair of Asda jeans at £7 and have un stitched them completely. I am now going to sew them back together to see what the result comes out like!!

    1. ANGELA KANE Sewing TV

      Yes of course. If you are using selvedge denim remember it is not stretch denim. Therefore if you use my Women’s Jeans Pattern https://angelakane.com/sewing_patterns/patterns/jeans-sewing-pattern-948.php you will want to go up a size.
      You then need to adapt the pattern for a straight outside edge – Draw a vertical line on the outside seam from hip to hem, then measure at the hem the width you would like your jeans to be at the ankle. Taper your inside seam from thigh to ankle giving you your hem width. Make your jeans 2 or 3 inches longer than your leg measurement so that you can have a nice turn-up showing your selvedge edge.
      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Kurt Steffen

    This is beyond brilliant. Within minutes after the purchase, there’s a link in email that is ‘idiot-proof’ in getting the seamster to the issue-free pattern in PDF form. After studying flat pattern at Cañada College,–I KNOW a great pattern when I buy one!

    1. Kurt Steffen

      And, in modern times, do you have any clue how refreshing it is to find a business like yours that takes genuine interest in their continued development of quality patterns?

      All the best!

    1. ANGELA KANE Sewing TV

      Hi Andrew, This fabulous colour was supplied to me by a young man in the US who I was collaborating with for a while. I’m sorry I don’t know the exact source.
      In fact I haven’t yet made it up. It might well feature on my channel soon.

  3. Inmates Apparel

    hi how are you. so i just tried finishing my pair of jeans. the legs fit perfect but i could not get the pants last the waist. Can you help me figure out why before i run and order more fabric and try again.

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