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The Proper Length for Men’s Suit Pants : Suits

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The proper length for men's suit pants depends entirely on the person wearing them. Find out about the proper length for men's suit pants with help from the owner of Davidson's Clothing for Men in this free video clip.

Expert: Larry Davidson
Bio: Larry Davidson is the owner of Davidson's Clothing for Men in Roanoke, Virginia.
Filmmaker: Lisa Fenderson

Series Description: Many different types of events may require you to wear a suit, but its important to remember that different occasions call for different styles and suits altogether. Learn when to wear a suit and most importantly how to wear it with help from the owner of Davidson's Clothing for Men in this free video series.

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  1. Vida Holmes

    My father taught me how to tailor a suit. One of the important thing I learned was the proper length, the shoe makes a difference. Larry do I get an ‘A’?😃😃 I learned a lot from Dad, miss him so😞
    Thanks Larry

  2. Jesus Christhole

    Listen to this if you want to look like old geezers. Those suits are hideous, I guess it’s ok if you look like them. If you want modern styles, don’t listen to old geezers. It’ ok to have your pants just over the top of your shoe.

    1. Jesus Christhole

      @jeffsor47​​​ No, you were rambling because your comment was baseless and spewing insults with no evidence. You’re just mad because I explained your own psychology to you, you were describing yourself. Get over it! Now go back to your nursing home before you get in trouble geezer. Bye bye now, move along old man.

    2. jeffsor47

      It’s seems that you’re the one going on and on with “your” rambling tirade….now doesn’t it Einstein ?? Lol. Sorry I got you so butt hurt. This is what happens when a big frog like you jumps out of your small pond. Get over it!

    3. Jesus Christhole

      @jeffsor47 No, you were greatly affected, because if you weren’t, you wouldn’t have replied at all. You took my comment as applying to or against you and went on a rambling tirade. And you’re assuming things again, based on a single comment, you must have psychic powers.
      Once thing is for sure though, is that you’re right about yourself. It’s called psychological projection, a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against their own subconscious impulses or qualities by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others. Bye bye go back to your nursing home

  3. Adam Purcell

    Wow the ageism and ignorance is incredible here. Allow me to point a few things out..

    If you are someone who wears low rise heavily tapered trousers or skinny/slim fit then having a no break finish where the trouser just grazes the top of the shoe is appropriate. More so with cuffs.
    If you are someone who wears crazy skinny fit and has their trousers hiked up further and squeeze around the ankle bone that’s fine. You do you.

    Classic straight fitting trousers are obviously wider throughout the leg. They can be worn with a full break or very little to no break. The art of it is achieving a slopped hem that is longer in the heel and shorter by the laces. This will leave a small but appropriate amount of break. If you wish you can rise it up like in the video and having the hem kiss around the top of the shoe. With or without a cuff. Too short and you ruin the drape and silhouette.

    The important note is silhouette.
    These tailors obviously favour a classic drape in their trousers. For this customer anyway

    A classic fit can look elegant on everyone done right. If you are a string bean then skinny or slim fit is fine. A well tailored outfit that complements your body is always going to look better.
    If you ask for a classic drape and fit in your trousers they will be made in proportion to your legs. You can of course go wider like Oxford bags or skinnier. It’s about your body your proportions. Skinny (more so) and slim fit is not appropriate for everyone.

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