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The Texting Yoga Pants – “Never Thought I’d Do It”

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"Never Thought I'd do It"
The Texting Yoga Pants™
(Chelsea Cunningham, Deidra Romero, Lauren Tenney and Jenilee Vander Elst)

Words by: Lauren Rainey Tenney and Spencer Tenney
(a special thanks to Lauren McNeely for her contribution and of course Weston Blankenship for his word "birthing," without which, this would not be what it is;)
Music Production/engineering: Tate Cunningham
Producer: Lauren Rainey Tenney
Directors: Bill Filipiak & Lauren Rainey Tenney
Director of Photography: Stephen Shiveley
Editor: Bill Filipiak
Original Song "This is How We Do It" by Montell Jordan
(We LOVE Montell Jordan and this song! We all remember where we were when we broke it down dancing to this perfect 90's jam)

Never thought I'd do it…
No no no no no no no…
No no no no no no no…
No no no no

Never thought I'd do it but here I stand, I'm buying a van
I sold out to all the leg room
I press a magical button the doors they open up
No more jacking up the cars next to us
I know what you're saying, I won't be cool anymore when I get this van
Yes my car's been good to me, ever since I was a single lady
But now I'm a mommy trying to squeeze three car seats across a single row yall
I never thought I'd be that mom we all know
But I need a big trunk to stack the kids junk, girl my mind just got blown
The aisle in between the seat is my runway to pick up a sippy cup and buckle babies up, I don't care what they're gonna say!

I can take a nap in here
If you need a holder for your cup they're everywhere
Sienna or an Odyssey
Which one's better for a rad mommy

Break it down
Once upon time in the 615, the pants cruised around in their four wheel drive. Playdates started in the neighborhood and then they made a video people thought was good. Lauren, Chelsea, Jenilee and D, bringing old school back to you mommies. Shopping for a van is no longer a maybe, we gotta have more room if we keep birthing these babies!

Chorus 2x
I can take a nap in here
If you need a holder for your cup they're everywhere
Sienna or an Odessy
Which one's better for a rad mommy

Kevin Sage (The genius car salesman)
Vanessa Sadler (The beautiful mom in the mini-van!)

Big THANK YOU to Cool Springs Toyota in Franklin, TN and Darrell Waltrip Honda in Frankin, TN.

**For media inquiries contact thetextingyogapants@gmail.com.**

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