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Trying on leggings / These yoga pants fit amazing – try on haul

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Hey y'all, it's Alex and you are watching Peach Perfect. Thanks so much for tuning in. So today I am going to be doing a legging review from one of my absolute favorite legging companies. I am always expanding my legging collection when they come out with new prints and new styles and all that jazz. So before I jump into the details a couple of reminders one, if you are new to my channel, welcome, please subscribe. I've got a lot of awesome, awesome, awesome videos coming up here soon. So definitely stay tuned. Two, I do have an Amazon wish list if there's something in particular that you want to see me try on or review. Definitely check out my wish list.  And three, I do have a Patreon account. So if you want to see a little bit more of an exclusive side to Peach Perfect, you can definitely check out my Patreon account. I post weekly selfies and exclusive videos that you're not going to find anywhere else except my Patreon account.  So definitely check that out lots of goodies on there. 

So on to the good stuff. I am a huge fan of ABS2B Fitness leggings. I am an ambassador for them and that happened like after I'd already bought like 50 pairs from them because that's how much I love their stuff. So you can definitely I'll link their stuff, I'll link the leggings that I'm trying on and I'll also put my discount code which is 15% off of your order. They're always running good sales, but in case they're not you can definitely use that code for a little money off. But so couple new prints that have come out from them. And if you don't know anything about ABS2B, let me kind of give a little bit of back history for them on their products. So the cool thing about ABS is that they come out with basically prints, different fabrics and then you customize everything.  So you can customize the waist. So if you want them more lower rise, if you want them high rise to I get the Maryland high rise, so it hits right about my belly button, which is exactly where I want my leggings my workout leggings and my jeans to hit so the perfect, perfect, perfect height. The other thing that is completely customizable is the scrunch. So I'm sure if y'all are new to this it is kind of a newer thing coming out with a lot of pants, especially leggings so you can get no scrunch. So just because you're seeing me try them on with all scrunched. I love this scrunch, but you do not have to get a scrunch.  So you can get with no scrunch, full scrunch or like a little half scrunch. I get the full scrunch.  But again, completely customizable. So you're not stuck with one thing or the other. The next thing that is completely customizable is the length I get the seven eighths. So the capris are like right below the knee I just don't like that look.  I hate it on me. I don't really like it on other women. I just don't like that look. I don't think it's very appealing for legs. I just that's not my thing. So I do not like the Capri so listen carefully because I learned the hard way by ordering a couple of the wrong pairs very early on when I was shopping with them. I thought that the Capri was that. I just didn't know and the capri is really right under the knee. So the 7/8 is more of like a crop and then the long is all the way down and even for me was super long legs the long I always had to roll up and just kind of make like a little, a little cuff at the end because they were always too long for me. So and that was kind of before they were making the 7/8. So now anytime I buy, I use, I do Marilyn high-rise full scrunch 7/8 length. But again, that's the cool thing about them is they're completely customizable.

Now the one thing I will say about ABS that can be a little crazy. Is there constantly which is cool that they're trying new things but there's so many different types of materials. So definitely look at the material before and ask questions because they don't they're very good customer service.

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