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Why Do Women Wear Yoga Pants in Public?

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Why do women wear yoga pants in public?

Sometimes it is a matter of convenience. You wear the same pants to class as you do to the grocery store.

They are so form fitting, though on some forms it is more replusive than others.

They are as comfortable as pajamas, without looking lazy. And they can be eye-catching, without looking slutty in low rise jeans that reveal thong underwear.

And there are people who are so fat that they should be prohibited from wearing yoga pants.

You should hear that song called "Yoga Pants".

Why? Is it funny?

It succintly explains why guys should also be banned from wearing yoga pants.

Because, on guys, it looks lewd. On people riddled with cellulite, it is just rude.

There's another reason women wear yoga pants. It reveals how fit you are.

We already said revealing.

No, it is like wearing a track suit to the store. Wearing yoga pants is a fashion statement as well as a lifestyle statement, saying that you are a hip, healthy, fit person.

As long as you look good in them.

True. But there are people who will try to look the part who simply do not fit.

Like the muffin tops over skinny jeans. If you don't fit the part, you look worse than a square peg sawed off to fit in a round hole.

Some of those people might benefit from surgery … or a really strict diet.

Why are there so many designer brands of yoga pants? For example, who cares if it is Lulumon?

It's like Guess jeans in the 1980s, the hip brand to wear.

But yoga pants show off your hips, along with everything else.

If you wear yoga pants with an $80 price tag, as the brand name shows, it reveals that you're both stylish and fit.

Expensive yoga pants only show that you're lightening your wallet.

You can't afford poor quality pants. What happens if they don't bend and flex along with you?

They fall off?

Or rip. And poorly made pants by a no name brand are thus a literal rip-off.

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