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Women Sizes 0 Through 28 Try on the Same Bodycon Dress | Glamour

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Watch women sizes 0 through 28 try on the exact same bodycon dress. They discuss their experiences going shopping for bodycon dresses and how they feel about wearing them.

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Women Sizes 0 Through 28 Try on the Same Bodycon Dress | Glamour

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    1. Ciera Hills

      @Fernanda Fernandez ok let me put it this way, it depends on the person, and their matabilisim, ALL SHAMING IS WRONG i belieive, but the thing is, if you get a fat person and a skinny person and told them to gain or lose wait to get to average weight, who will get there first, imma let you answer that question…

    2. Fernanda Fernandez

      @xd ok I don’t know if that is supposed to make me change my mind when you are not even able to talk without offending others, is not that intelligent of you to even when we are trying to show that people does shame people with underweight and that actually hurts, you come here replying that we are just a bunch of crybabies, you better analyze beforehand what you are going to say if you want to be taking seriously, because to me, you are just a being mean without a reason, no one came here to offend you, but it is ok for you to offend others?

    3. Fernanda Fernandez

      @Ciera Hills No, I’m not saying that you said anything against people with overweight. And what made me reply your comment was that you said that “It’s easier to get back to average size when you are skinny”, that’s why I asked that if that is an good excuse to allow skinny shaming

    1. Coca Cherry

      shygirl 2020 it’s not funnh imagine being a skinny woman who wears kid clothes when other women wear women dresses, they should more clothes of this size and people do more clothes for obese people and forget anorexic or healthy very skinny people

    2. Alyssa

      ​@Coca Cherry yess, finding clothes is so hard for me too, the womens section most of the time is too big and wearing kids clothes makes you seem less mature. people always say “its because you dont eat”, i do eat, i eat a lot but that does nothing.

  1. Mariella Cusano

    I feel bad for the size 0 girl, everyone assumes skinny people have no problems. I’m not even skinny and I recognize that. She has the right to feel beautiful in whatever she wears, just like us.

    1. Cuz u make my earfquake

      All the women that I’ve spoken to said that this wouldn’t last long when u get older (20’s) but honestly idc I want to NOW! 😂😂
      Other times I’m comfortable but when it comes to being out I am the most insecure.

    1. Anna Rawat

      @Zoe Villafuerte Chavez it does make sense the whole point of that comment is that she is saying that one girl and when they look in the video they are all wearing gray bodycon dresses and that means that they are all gorgeous.

    1. Sera Ndure

      Exactly people have no idea how it feels to be skinny and practically have nothing that fits you it’s even worst when you’re tall because people assume that ladies are about 5’7 less but for someone who’s 6 foot like me plus a less than size zero, it is very difficult to find clothes

  2. •Frxnkii•

    I don’t really like wearing those, because my ex-friends used to body-shame me. I don’t like being called ‘skinny’. Yes, thicc, average, and plus-size girls are beautiful too, but telling me all about how skinny and flat I am hurts too, and saying slender girls aren’t pretty at all hurts too. Even though the teasing stopped ages ago, I still can’t look at my body confidently.

    1. elficity

      Be proud of who you are, I know it’s hard but sometimes you find a t shirt, some jeans, a skirt anything but every one in a while, you could find something that make s you feel good, and it’s the same for friends, you will find some friends who make you feel good. You deserve to feel good, but if you haven’t found those friends yet, or those clothes you have a mirror where you look at yourself and be kind. Think about yourself like you think about a friend. As in, you think something bad about them and then you think “oh no, I shouldn’t have thought that” or “that’s not true, they’re a nice person” it’s just easier instead of trying to love yourself all at once. You’re beautiful and your old friends should look back and think those thoughts about you. But you need to be your own friend, build your own confidence.
      (P.S., if this doesn’t make sense it’s just my method. It’s just a YouTube comment. It’s just someone trying to boost someone else’s confidence. It’s not a guarantee. Everyone needs to know that they’re beautiful. Everyone’s *deserves* to know.)
      Have a nice day ✨

    2. Ana Amaro

      In my country , some people are skinny in a non healthy way and only if they are extremely anorexic then people will look at them. In my class all girls are perfectly balanced and me and my friwnd ars the only a bit overweight girls and were judged for some time. Not forever though people see more than appearances when they want.

    3. k ᥊ 0 ꪑ ꪖ ᥴ ꫝ i

      I had these friends that would body shame and bully me for no reason then I finally said i didn’t want to be their friends anymore cause they were rlly rude and then they got mad and we had a whole unnecessary fight and I still get bullied for being overweight but it’s not as bad, I’ve always been bullied for it even back when I was in the first grade and I’m not even really that chunky I’m like an average size but I guess it isn’t to their beauty standards

    1. •Tiara•

      hakeem elliott Yeah well now slim thick and hourglass figures are viewed as the overall ideal body for women to have. And that’s apparently what women are “supposed” to look like. If you’re too thin you’re not a “real woman” and if you’re too fat you need to lose weight according to society. Being fat being worse doesn’t eliminate the fact that being super thin sucks as well. Being on any end of the spectrum is terrible, and will earn you tons of problems and bullying

    2. hakeem elliott

      Katy there was i time where I was so skinny I was in and out of the doctors office. I’ll take being a skinny dude any day over the years of torment of being fat. And the idea of being slim thick is just white people taking after black culture and having the stereotypical black body of being overalls sexualized.

    3. •Tiara•

      hakeem elliott No. Being super thin was a trend in the 90’s, but that’s it. Being super thin is frowned upon. Being thin to a certain extent is still the body ideal, but not SUPER thin. Everyone will always accuse you of having anorexia, starving yourself, and automatically assume you’re unhealthy. As well as you get bullied for being “flat”, looking like a “heroin addict”, and compared to having the body of a little boy. The ideal body shape for women is slim thick, hourglass curves. And for men, it has almost always been muscular. It has never been thin for men. Men who are thin are viewed as “emasculate” and “weak”. Women who are thin are also viewed as weak. Many many things. When I was super thin I was constantly bullied, had people constantly make comments on me, accuse me of starving myself, and clothes never fit me right. If a super skinny girl dared post a picture of herself on social media then she’d be accused of promoting anorexia.

  3. Martha Elena Martínez Carrasco

    1:22 Yanii, size 0🌈
    2:10 Kadija, size 2🌈
    0:13 Erin, size 4🌈
    0:42 Marla, size 6🌈
    0:27 Molly, size 8🌈
    0:21 Caroline, size 10🌈
    0:17 Audrey, size 12🌈
    2:51 Georgetta, size 14🌈
    1:09 Crystal, size 16🌈
    0:56 Elizabeth, size 18🌈
    1:54 Constance, size 20🌈
    0:34 Kira, size 22🌈
    3:38 Ashley, size 24🌈
    1:05 Bebe, size 26🌈
    0:59 Marcy, size 28🌈

    5:29 in order🌈

  4. maisie

    it’s great you’re promoting body positivity for larger people, but smaller people get shamed too. i was bullied and called names like “skeleton girl” even one of my friends once said i looked anorexic as a joke, but i felt uncomfortable when she said it. as a skinnier person, it makes me happy when i see skinnier body positivity being promoted as well. i’m not trying to hate on you at all 💗💗

    1. Castor Alpha

      @maisie There are plenty of skinny and smaller girls in this video, and this video is about the body positivity movement which focuses on bodies that are marginalized in society, aka plus size bodies. Thin bodies are considered the “ideal” and the “desirable standard”, they’re advertised on TV, by models and by celebrities. The body positivity movement is about loving your body and being comfortable with it despite what society perceives as it’s flaws, and breaking down those societal standards of beauty.

    2. maisie

      @Castor Alpha mhm, one girl. imagine if they did the opposite, had all smaller girls then included one plus sized girl. people would be engaged, but because it’s a different body type it’s fine

    3. Condwiramurs Tally

      Yeah, and even asking you what’s your weight. Asking the same question overweight person is unacceptable, but if you’re skinny, people don’t realize it can be shameful for the person.

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