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Your Yoga Pants Can Never Be Woke Enough | Ep. 1293

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Lululemon comes under fire for lack of diversity despite its woke virtue signaling; Trump sues big tech; and Joe Biden hands Afghanistan over to the Taliban.

00:00 – Lululemon comes under fire from the Left
18:42 – Toyota caves to "stakeholders"
25:04 – Social media makes everything worse
32:36 – Trump sues big tech
44:23 – Biden is giving up in Afghanistan

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    1. Clive Marriott

      @Manhole Eunuchsbane It costs money to grant people education, safety and other rights. Only wealthy countries can grant those rights. The only wealthy countries are capitalist countries..


    The problem is…No matter how “woke” you try to seem, rest assured, it won’t ever be woke enough for these people. I pride myself on being in the ‘opposite of woke’ category. 🇺🇸✊🏻

    1. September2004

      @Roman Reckless I don’t know if I ever said the opposite to someone. I’ve never said, “y r u even here? this is a conservative channel.”

      It would never occur to me to say that.

      You know what that indicates? That you’re in a bubble. You’re so used to hearing the opinions you want, with the news spun the way you want (not that this doesn’t happen on the other side) that somebody from a different part of the political spectrum commenting on something here seems so weird to you.

      I wonder, if you were to go to a liberal channel and see a MAGA person trolling, would you think to question him the same way you did me or would you join him?

      Some self-introspection is in order… for all MAGA.

    2. September2004

      @Roman Reckless

      Why does Ben Shapiro go to college campuses? They’re full of liberals!

      You see? You would never think that because having it both ways is in your DNA.

      If you believe that ‘Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings,’ shouldn’t your response be, “Well ok, here’s a guy trying to burst *our* bubble.”

      Shouldn’t you appreciate another POV. Or is ‘destroying’ something only right wingers can do?

      Or do you feel that you guys have it so right that only you people should be going around ‘destroying’ other people’s opinions.

      If you don’t, then what else do I need to tell you?

      So you see, the very answers to your questions are already in your head if you just put two seconds of thought into it.

    3. The American

      @September2004 Ya know, the radicals in the French revolution also blamed and executed random groups of innocent people brought on by humans just like you. At which, life under revolutionarys was more terrifying then rule under the monarchy. Anybody who just disagreed with which bread was better was killed. Honestly, it’s sad how quick history is lost on people.

    4. The American

      @September2004 French revolution by the way…that’s what I, and I assume this comment is talking about…the French revolution. May need to look that up. Didn’t happen to long ago. Oversimplified has a great, simple video on it. Check it out.

  2. Neal Orr

    You think your job is useless?

    “The team of about 10 employees had spent hours mocking up a version of the homepage featuring Black Lives Matter as the headline”.

    That kind of uselessness is how you wind up charging $100 for spandex pants.

    1. Neal Orr

      @Philosopher King I illustrated the stupidity of your logic with providing some equally stupid examples.

      It’s good that you realized it’s was things an idiot would say. It’s bad that you didn’t realize you were one such idiot with, “For instance, hosting the Olympic games in Berlin in the ’30s didn’t do much to prevent WW2.”


    2. Neal Orr

      @Philosopher King

      There are poor people therefore capitalism is a failure.

      Someone was killed somewhere in a speeding accident yesterday, therefore speeding laws are failure.

      My grandmother didn’t die of cancer, therefore eating red meat and smoking cigarettes is good for you.

      You seem to have the cognitive abilities of an overripe radish. Cheers!

    3. Neal Orr

      @Philosopher King It’s been speculated that sports serve as a way for people to exercise their tribal instincts non-violently.

      It’s probably why the rise of sport and civilization are correlated.

    1. Manhole Eunuchsbane

      @QualityPen -I didn’t call it slave labor, but I don’t think it’s far off. The modern equivalency maybe? Subsistence wages. In the case of the Chinese Uyghurs folks are claiming this labor is forced. I don’t think there’s any connection between the Uyghurs and Nike though.

    2. Manhole Eunuchsbane

      @Bobby Scientia potentia est -I’ve never owned a pair of Nike’s in my life, but thanks! Overpriced by a longshot. I’ve never paid more than $40 bucks or so for a pair of sneakers and I never will, the economy willing.

    1. raSkus 80’s

      @Danny Penrod exactly which is why I don’t compare my “problems” to individuals with less.

      And I stated “true problems”. You know surviving day by day.

      Not bitching about what fast food restaurant I want to spend my money at.

    2. Danny Penrod

      @Evian Acosta you’re IN the internet too… intellectually challenged? You must be mistaken, because that sounds like a problem. And I’m IN the internet so I don’t have problems.

  3. Nate hall

    I agree with Ben on 98% of topics. His disagreement with pulling out of Afghanistan is part of that 2%. As a veteran who deployed to Afghanistan, we should have been out years ago. The country was given gear, training, and $. They were given everything they need to run themselves. If they are not willing to fight for their own country, that’s their problem. We are not the world police, we shouldn’t use our tax dollars and our warriors to run distance countries. It’s their country and their problems…

    1. hadriansdog

      It’s like when covid really got rolling, my propane company sent me a bunch of junk about how they were handling the pandemic. Yes, thank you corporate America. I was wondering how you would schedule delivery, deliver it when I was at work, and then bill me on the internet, as it relates to covid. Thanks for letting me know that you are on it.

    2. skylx08

      Its the new “socially aware” business model. Where sjw employees get to ride roughshod over their employers and steer the course of the company themselves using twitter as their goon squad.

  4. Matt Carey

    The problem with the point you made about addressing company problems through HR is that if you voice dissent against wokeness to HR at most fortune 500 companies, they’ll see to it you’re fired for your “intolerance.”

    1. The Vagabond Witch in the Woods

      @James Street ugh!! Sounds almost as lovely as my former neighborhood. I’ve seen a stabbing, I called cops when a neighbor boy was going to drop this huge rock on another boy’s head…I witnessed a drive by shooting where the young victim actually died, and those were normal days! We had an entire “army” of law enforcement once for what we all assumed was a meth lab. And then in between there were always random gun shots and loud music, w/my drunk neigh ors always watching me in my backyard. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I’m happy for u don’t live in those apts anymore and I don’t live in my old hood anymore! I escaped where my most excitement is getting to the top of the hill so I can pass the Amish’s buggy!

    2. The Vagabond Witch in the Woods

      @James Street I see what you’re saying. My former next door neighbors were drunks and across the street were loud music lovers. Not exactly my idea of paradise. But this place is. Its quiet. Private.

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