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5 Pants Every Guy Needs in His Wardrobe | Men’s Style Essentials | ALEX COSTA

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These are the 5 pants every guy needs to own!
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Topic of discussion: Which of these pants is your favorite?

A lot of guys ask me how to start building their wardrobe in an affordable way. The best way to be stylish on a budget, is to get the classics first, the essential pants that every guy needs in his closet. So today I’m giving you the 5 pants I believe every guy should have in his wardrobe, the men’s style essentials for 2017. I'm talking about the best dress pants chinos, sweatpants, jeans, and more!

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5 Pants Every Guy Needs to Own | Men's Fashion Style Essentials
Best Pants for Guys

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FTC: This video is sponsored by Beckett Simonon. All opinions, as always, are my own!

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    1. Raphael

      You’re listening to this guy? How old are you? This fashion is more for kids. Tailored sweatpants? Really? Joggers? Really. Joggers are more for woman. Sweatpants aren’t supposed to be that tight or Arabian looking.

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