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Air Jordan Women’s Collection Try On + New Sneaker & Clothing Pick Ups

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Products Mentioned
▷ Air Jordan Reversible Bomber
▷ Air Jordan Crop Top
▷ Air Jordan Fleece Pant
▷ Air Jordan Fleece Hoodie

▷ Salomon XT-6
▷ Strangelove X Nike SB DUNK
▷ Supreme SIGG Water Bottle

▷ Chinatown Market Hoodie
▷ Chinatown Market Tee
▷ Nike ACG Pants
▷ Ambush Sweatshirt

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  1. Black Flame

    Just remember that no matter the hype on new Jordan collection pieces, you can never go wrong with OG Air Jordan 1s. It remains a timeless classic (the prices reflect that sentiment).

    Thumbnail look is straight 🔥

    1. Monsieur Banana

      Ahh I’m always copping L’s too 😭 I have a feeling the prices will slowly drop for the StrangeLove dunks so it’s probably worth waiting. I’m deciding if I should pay resell for the travis Scott dunks though 😩

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