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AMAZON YOGA PANTS that you should avoid/Completely see through

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So today we bring on some Amazon yoga pants that you should avoid.

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  1. Cora Velasquez

    Hello! I have been going to yoga classes for almost six months. I have both of the leggings that you reviewed here and wear them to class often. I don’t have the black but I have the other three colors. I wear white underwear like you but mine have a bit more coverage in the booty area. I’ve never had anyone say that my underwear is visible. I wear those leggings shopping and everywhere. I mean, my underwear probably is visible, but I don’t think anyone is offended by it. Do you know what I mean? I enjoy your reviews and I’m very interested in your opinion. 🙂

    1. Tatiane Marques

      Hi Cora! Hope you are doing well!
      I’m happy you like yours, but I’m wasn’t happy with the overall quality of the pants. Like you said, I don’t think people mind about the transparency of the fabric, but at the same time the Amazon vender is promissing non see through pants, which is false. So in my opinion they are scamming people. Thanks for enjoying my review I really appreciate that🥰😘 Happy 4th of July!!🥂🥳🥳

    2. Cora Velasquez

      @Tatiane Marques I’m sorry. I misinterpreted your comments. I thought you were saying these leggings were no good because your underwear will show thru. You were not saying that, and I apologize. You are correct that Amazon blatantly lied about the fact that these leggings are non see thru. That is false and basically a scam. I agree with you. Otherwise I love the leggings. Happy 4th of July!! 🙂

    3. Cora Velasquez

      Actually, since I made that comment three months ago I have been told several times that my panties can be seen while wearing both the light blue and the yellow leggings. Only men tell me that. I have still never been told while in a yoga class, I only hear it when I am out shopping or doing whatever. Have you ever been told that by someone you don’t even know?

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