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  1. Boldasluv Boldasluv

    Great video. Anybody who’s a fan of yours and follows you knows how important fitness is to your lifestyle. You’re able to show off how great they look and their functionality.

  2. Jennifer Henning

    Hey Amouranth I loved all the yoga pants! I wear leggings all the time since they are very comfortable love them and I also wear yoga pants too love wearing them very comfortable! And I do exercise in both pants love them! I hope your doing well and safe can’t wait for more vids love ya! ❤️😁

  3. B Buck

    Definitely a Yoga YouTube video would be sweet. I’m sure it would be extremely helpful like your ASMR magic is for the stress. All those outfits fit you perfectly, liked the different colors. But the matching Grey would be my choice to be your Yoga Experience. Thanks for video 😋👍💜🍓

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