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Bikinis, Yoga Pants, Sports Bras & More! + Weightloss Update

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Product link mentioned in the video:

Black patchwork rashguard:
Black floral zipper rashguard:
Gray strappy Sports bra:
Pink high impact padded sports bra:
Wine high impact sports bra:
Black tights solid color sports leggings:
Black slogan high waist sports leggings:
Colorful halter bikini set:
blue adjustable halter neck bikini set:

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Hello my lil’ slices of pizza!
If you’re new to my channel, here is a little about me.
I’m just a weirdo living in Manhattan with my pug Frank. I love exploring new places, eating pizza, and making people laugh! I upload 2-3 videos each week, so make sure to subscribe, and enable notifications so you never miss one of my adventures or crazy stories.

p.s. If you’re wondering what my Youtube name means: It’s my Czech name!

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  1. Scott V

    Full disclosure, you look absolutely gorgeous!! Your hard work is definitely paying off !! From a guys stand point, I thought you have always looked gorgeous in any video you’ve posted, I won’t lie Haha…… but for all you’ve dealt with between the illness and break up and loss of friendship and all…..the fact you can smile, can make the best of it and also admit when you do struggle…..from a guys perspective…..that’s equally impressive and attractive so don’t be down on yourself, be proud. Not only are you absolutely gorgeous, you’re equally as gorgeous on the inside as well. That’s a double high five right there !! 😎 p.s curaleaf has a pure vape cart for the citron…aka snowdawg right now at the dispensary…it’s a sativa….very motivating, very uplifting but very potent…a little goes along way ….but I been bumming alot lately and that’s really picked me up….maybe if you need a smile or two or a little help getting stuff done try one and see if it does the trick 😎

  2. Robert Becerra

    Honey you look beautiful there is nothing wrong with you keep up the good work that you’ve been doing I’ve heard back inches come out first then the weight I don’t know I’m not a dietitian that’s what I heard you look awesome honey

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