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Classic Style for Women: Is Timeless Ladies’ Clothing Possible?

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Today, we finally answer why we don't talk about classic style for women–and why there's no "Lady's Gazette!"

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→ @Karolina Żebrowska
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→ Script: Teresa C. Schneider & Sven Raphael Schneider
→ Camera: Chris Dummer
→ Editing: Jonathan Oster

→ Two-tone socks from Fort Belvedere: coming soon
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Gentleman's Gazette

00:00 Introduction

First of all, one of the reasons we love classic men's style is that it's just that — classic. Now, classic, when refers to clothes, typically means a garment or design of an elegant style that is not greatly subject to changes in fashion. About three times a week we get asked if there is a Lady's Gazette, why we are not having one, and if we can point people in the right direction, and why we are not covering women's topic in the first place. Unfortunately, we can't and won't venture to oblige to you.

00:54 1. It's simply not our realm of expertise.
05:09 2. There was no true "golden era" of women's fashion.
06:20 3. Women's trends are generally more extreme than men's trends.
08:27 4. Today, women have a much broader and more varied wardrobe than they used to.
09:20 5. The average quality of womenswear is lower than that of menswear.

11:30 Channels to check out for classic (or modern) women's style
12:32 Book about classic women's style

13:13 Outfit Rundown

What are your thoughts on this topic? Share with us in the comments!

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    1. Millionaire Discipline

      @Gentleman’s Gazette You missed ANNA BEY from School of Affluence, YouTube channel that teaches about elegant and classic women’s clothing. Really enjoying your Channel as well!

    1. minimooster

      @Gentleman’s Gazette Well, if you carry a leather satchel or a tote bag, or anything really, you use the same principles of good taste as you would if you were buying the same thing for a woman

  1. Shaira Sultana

    Don’t feel like you need to talk about women’s style and clothing!! Literally your channel is about menswear and that’s what we are here for. Despite that some of your videos have been very helpful for me personally (especially your color theory video) and I make better choices when picking outfits for my dad and I feel so proud when my boyfriend gets complimented on the shirt that I chose for him!

    A 19yo female viewer who’s been watching you since age 14-15. ☺️❤️ Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

    1. redx603

      Happy to see another Bangladeshi here. I am also a big fan of GG for the last 4 years and I have completely changed my outlooks. I think currently our culture is struggling to find the foundation of women’s clothing and often going extreme. I have 3 young daughters and I would love to inspire and educate them in classic style and hope they will discover their own style with the foundation pieces. Yup most men in Bangladesh will think you are crazy lol

    2. Shaira Sultana

      @Matei Aprozianu of course I don’t do it at all times lol I’m not their mother. From time to time is no big deal. Especially when I’m reputed for making good choices and complimented on my own outfits/accessories quite often.

    1. Thao Tran

      I’m planning on starting a Lady’s Gazette, but it’ll be focused on Vietnamese fashion. If you’re interested in a Lady’s Gazette on Western fashion, perhaps you can search up some existing ones or even better, start your own!

    1. Joel Likes Cars

      @redx603 . If my children ever dress inappropriate for the occasion I don’t know what I would do. I get extremely angry (on the inside) when my parents dress incorrectly. best believe my kid is going to have all the suits to dress properly. Yet again I am going to be working in the finance field where it is necessary

    2. 42 is the Answer

      We didn’t all ask that he start one, but if there was something he could recommend. The quality of content is amazing and such a wonderful resource! Women’s classic fashion resources on the other hand… lol

  2. b phillip

    Karolina Żebrowska is an amazing talent and a great youtuber. I find her insightful and entertaining. I am a man but I love listening to her commentary on historical women’s clothing in period and in popular culture (movies and TV). As they call her on her channel, “Meme Mom” is the best! I am glad the Gentleman’s Gazette referenced her!

    1. T von Prag

      Merari Alvarado That would be amazing. Vintage/historical clothing and classic men’s wear community need to hold together. In this world of often low quality fast fashion made from synthetic fibers :-D.

    2. b phillip

      @kshiftkometh I suppose. But there’s another thing that I like about her, for those who want to find out about women’s historical clothes she is something of a gate way too (in my opinion anyway. I started watching her because I was thinking about clothing on the weekend of a historically dressed event I volunteer at and I watched a bunch of her stuff [this was a couple of years before the pandemic], since then I’ve found other woman’s clothing YTers that I like too, because of her, but I keep coming back to her)

    1. kidaria

      @Thomas Patrick Parker even back in the days when they didn’t wore pants the variety of dressing style is so huge there is no proper foundation. The somewhat only proper classic piece is a black dress in a variation for the decade.


    Thanks for the mention and for your generosity!
    I believe both of our channels are about tailoring and shoe making & how wearing handmade items can create emotion.
    I started wearing handcrafted classic clothing/shoes in order to know my subject. However, as a woman in business, it’s been a shock to see how adopting quality classic style has helped me move forward, and made it easier to keep up with the guys (literally, when walking in my oxfords, instead of wobbling around in high heels on the cobbled streets of Europe). Cheers ! ~Sonya

    1. Jennifer Schmitzer

      SARTORIAL TALKS I have nth metres of a nice purple check in thickish silk i purchased from a nice expat brit fellow in HK when I went to his house near the old kaipat airport I’ve no idea what to do with. I’m not even sure its a good quality weave. Its just sitting here at my house.


      ​@CupOfTees Of course I can do it, staying focused on “women’s tailoring” and steering away from attitudes of why a woman would ever want to wear trousers in the first place (a question which stupefies me, as I guess if any man could be a woman for a year, he would want to wear trousers too).

      Tailoring a feminine jacket is an art of which maybe 20 percent of the (many) tailors I’ve met across the world is even willing to try.

      Thank you for your comment and if I may end with an excerpt from museeyslparis quoting Women’s Wear Daily :

      A year after the tuxedo, Yves Saint Laurent proposed his first pantsuit in his Spring-Summer 1967 collection. It was an unusual design for a suit, which was traditionally worn with a skirt. Just as he did for the tuxedo, Saint Laurent adapted the traditionally masculine suit for the female body. The sleeves were fitted and the waist belted, while the wide pants were flattering for the legs. He added typically female accessories, such as heels and jewelry, but still had his model wear a necktie and felt hat.

      American women are going to want to burn all the clothes they have when they see this … Saint Laurent’s new Vastsuits in men’s wear fabrics are the sensation of the Paris season … What a show—it could have come right off Broadway.

      Women’s Wear Daily, January 31, 1967.

      Cheers, ~Sonya

    3. CupOfTees

      Dear Sonya, please do consider making some videos showcasing your style and how you go about it as a woman/your philosophy/making sure the quality is right/where you might shop including women’s shoes and coats etc. This video made me realize that there must be plenty of women interested, just like me, and it is so hard to find sources online when it comes to menswear for women. All the best!

  4. 42 is the Answer

    I never expected GG to create a ladies channel, but hoped for a women’s channel w/similar information, style and integrity. Now I know why! Sadly our clothes weren’t made well enough to withstand the test of time. Even allowing for the fashion swings, there are still classic women’s styles that can be worn today without looking like a costume. Justine’s channel is a wonderful resource for current fashion! She speaks to quality, classic style & sustainability, which if our clothes had from the getgo, I’ve no doubt there would be a Ladie’s Gazette! Absolutely love your channel and applaud you for taking the time to speak to so many of your female fans. Congratulations Preston on your recent marriage, I hope it’s as enduring and beautiful as the fashion you represent.

    1. Gentleman's Gazette

      We know a sizeable number of women comment and check out our channel so we wanted to address this question, answer it, and guide you to other women who cover things. Thanks for watching and spreading the word about us!

  5. Andrea Boost

    I am fan of gentlemen gazette because of your lifestyle videos. Anyway I was very happy about this video…. And yes you are right 30’s and 40’s ladies fashion is some kind of hobby for me but it draw more attention as I would like to

  6. berry

    i think it’s great how you focus on menswear, since every time i research about fashion it’s basically centered on women’s fashion so more information on men’s fashion is really welcome

  7. Joanne Cohen

    I agree ☝🏻 Women styles are too varied. I enjoy your videos because I sew 🧵 for a multitude of people. I find it informative and educational. No doubt, men’s classic fashion is historical.

  8. Krunoslav Kovacec

    I adore Rachek Maksy and The Closet Historian. As a man, I always enjoy their videos because I can always learn domething about classic womens clothing which is as amazing and beautiful (maybe even more so than) classic menswear.

    1. Teverell

      I like Rachel Maksy too, though her chosen vintage style does rather illustrate Raphael’s point that women’s clothing dates more than men’s does over a shorter time! Someone else I’ve started watching recently who also does vintage clothing is Evelyn Wood, who takes more modern clothing (in natural fibres!) and alters them to a more vintage look.

      For more modern clothing inspiration, Use Less, Audrey Coyne, Justine Leconte, Alyssa Beltempo and Marie-Anne LeCoeur are all really good l.

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