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Could Dress Pant Yoga Pants Save Healthcare? | Incident Report 215

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My friend Chris Lindland (founder of Betabrand) wants to change how we dress…and therefore feel and act…at work. He's giving ZPac members 20% off Betabrand's Dress Pant Yoga Pants, so get your coupon here:

In this wide-ranging interview we talk about how to turn a side hustle into a calling with purpose, the beauty of letting the PEOPLE decide what they want and then building it, self-expression in conservative medical settings (tatoos, clothes, hair), and how healthcare and creativity intersect. Check it peeps!

Links, audio podcast, and more at zdoggmd.com/incident-report-215

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  1. April Bird

    I’ve been wearing DPYP for years. They’re literally the best pants I’ve ever worn. I always say I won’t wear pants that I can’t squat in, including jeans, and these 100% fit the bill.

  2. George Glass

    i love my dress yoga pants! i got long XL tho and they arent long enough in the booty. great pants, but ya gotta remember that women with long legs also have long torsos (and sometimes big booties).

  3. Jennifer Montgomery

    The reason why I became addicted to yoga pants is from having to wear clothing during my periods. OTC pain meds were barely effective for me and I used to bloat a lot during those times, so anything a little stiff, even panties, around my waist was a nightmare. When I discovered the extreme softness and flexibility of yoga pants and the fact that they look a lot like regular pants, I was immediately hooked.

    Thank you, Betabrand, for making them look much more like regular pants. Ever since yoga pants have been a big part of the wardrobe for women they have lacked a side seam, giving them a common look and making them rather easily detectable, especially since women’s clothing is meant to be noticed and somewhat individualized.

    Now that you have added the side seam to them it is much harder for employers to ban them. For that I say thank you. Everyone needs some level of comfort while working, especially those who have a medical need for them like I did for so many years.

  4. Les Smith

    Since he’s really open to feedback: it’s kind of cheesy that the 20 percent off coupon is available everywhere online. Doesn’t really feel like anything special for viewers of this show. Also, you should make high waisted dress yoga pants!

  5. Rae rae A

    The hospital system I work for now is rolling out a new logo. And with it, updated dress code for my department that means we have to buy new shirts from their vendor…Polo style (which don’t fit me well…will have to be altered more money) there a men’s cut and woman s and that’s it. And everyone in either grey or blue no other colors. Everyone is so unhappy. I deal with plenty in my job without being told that you have to wear and buy this shirt, in this color, and from our supplier. (I would rather support local business). Last time I checked not all men or women are one cut fits all, so frustrating.

    1. Rachael Dimmer

      Depending on the state, your employer would be liable for those purchases. In CA, expecting a certain basic style is a gateway to allow employers to have their employees buy their own work clothing.

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