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Disney-Inspired Wedding Gowns Will Make You Feel Like a Princess On Your Big Day

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You can feel like a Disney princess on your wedding day thanks to gowns inspired by the famous animated characters. One wedding gown, complete with sheer cape, is based on Elsa from 'Frozen.' If 'The Little Mermaid' is your favorite Disney character, then, Inside Edition has got a gown for you. Belle from 'Beauty and the Beast' wore a vibrant yellow ball gown as she danced the night away in the films and at Kleinfeld Bridal Salon in Manhattan Inside Edition found a similar dress.

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    1. Vanessa Ortega

      When they say the mermaid style dress was inspired by Ariel, they mean its inspired by her tail. Because a mermaid tail is fitted and tight from the hip to knee and loose from the knee down like a mermaid tail fin.

    2. Alisha Chawdhary

      She wore a massive princess style gown for the wedding portion at the end of the film with poofed out sleeves and then it was fitted on the arms. The dress was very pristine yet simple.

    1. Joanne Choi

      You shouldn’t be saying that. And how would YOU know if she didn’t like the dress?? Hmmmmmm??? I mean it’s your opinion and I know that but if you think people might get offended by that then mind your business

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