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DIY JUMPSUIT from Men’s jeans – Jumpsuit month series – Ep 4

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Hi guys,

It's the last episode of my "Jumpsuit month" series and I want to share with you how to transform a men's jeans into this fashionable jumpsuit. I wanted to make this jumpsuit for very long time. And finally I found a perfect men's jeans to make it.
To make this jumpsuit, you need a supper extreme big size men's jean in one color (no wax or detail). Besides that, some other information from my DIY you might want to know below:
– Sewing machine: Merrit Joyful Sewing
– Material: Men's jeans (XXL size)
– My body size: Small (82-64-92) I'm 165cm

I hope you love this jumpsuit as much as I do and enjoy this video. It'll be a wonderful feeling to me if you want to try it out. Send me your result to my Instagram account @jessdangvn or through my email simplybutpretty@gmail.com. I would love to see them.

If you want to connect with me besides YouTube, please follow me here:
– Instagram: jessdangvn
– Pinterest: JessdangDIY

For business, please send to my email jessdangdiy@gmail.com

I hope you're having a wonderful week.


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  1. Joanna Homeniuk

    Soooo lovely and beautifully made, the collar part is just a masterstroke! 😍 It would work with so many other pants too, like those lovely huge linen and linen-like ones (palazzo-ish or big-sized) that you so often find in second-hands! That one is a huge inspiration for so many other jumpsuits ❤️! Busy afternoons afoot! Yay 😁😅! Thank you so much Jess❤️!

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