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Easy Fit and Sew Yoga Pants: How to Hem Yoga Pants with a Twin Needle

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Join me as I show you an easy technique to hem your yoga pants on your sewing machine using a twin needle.

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  1. Carolyn Stacy

    Hi J, great video as I have about 5 prs of yoga pants to hem. Just curious about how to thread a twin needle ? And is the hem a one fold over or a double fold over ? New subscriber here, love all your videos ! TFS

    1. J Stern Designs

      Hi Carol & welcome to my channel! Here’s a link to “how to hem yoga pants with a twin needle (part of my Yoga Pants Playlist). Keep me posted if you have more questions, Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Ewa N

    Thank you for making this videos ..I am curious of all mashie what you have as well anything what you use for studio…..I am Biggin er but I don’t go so far as clothing i am scared destroy anything but prices in shops in England are ridiculous so I need this year start sew for myself.

    1. J Stern Designs

      Thank you for watching. I have a variety of machines because I used to work at a sewing machine dealership. I love my Juki straight stitch machine for all of my clothing construction and quilting projects. I think you may be better off looking for a good used machine. You can get a quality machine for less money. Baby Lock, Janome and Brother brands all make great quality, easy to use sewing machines.

    1. J Stern Designs

      To add flare at the hem, you would need a side and inseam so you could add to the hem on both sides of the leg pattern. If you try to just add along the inseam, the extra flare will cause the leg to no hang properly. Let me know if this makes sense to you… Thanks Jen

    2. robotabob

      Thanks for your reply! I am trying to hem ready-made full length knit pants with a slight flare at the bottom. So far I’ve removed the arm from my sewing machine so I can sew the hem over the “sleeve” arm. I’ve also gotten a twin stretch needle and have been practicing on scraps. My latest challenge is getting the right length. I measured the inseam with the length required, pinned and tried it on only to find it is shorter in the back than the front. So I will have to add 1/2″ to the back I guess. I have five pairs to hem and once I get the right measurement I should be good to go. If you have any suggestions or tips I would be grateful! Thank you!

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