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Girls Banned From Wearing Yoga Pants On Planes?!

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United has a lot of people divided. John and Hannah talk about why two girls weren't allowed on a plane because of their leggings. Let us know if you think they should've been allowed on the flight.

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  1. Arkangel

    The company has a policy that states that any person that is flying on a buddy pass has to follow their dress code.
    If these girls did not want to follow the policy then they should have paid full price for their tickets like the rest of the passengers. PERIOD!

  2. jo schultz

    she was taking advantage of a almost free flight as a close member of her family worked for the airline. They knew that there were dresscodes and chose not to. This was totally her fault

  3. stinefication

    You’re not an employee though Hannah, so it really shouldn’t matter. It makes sense if the passengers are using an employee pass for flight that they should abide the rules that have been established. I wouldn’t wear strictly leggings and show midriff in an office setting…

  4. Teacher Jeff

    I flew on family pass all over the world. I went to Hawaii to Japan, back to Hawaii and back home to SF for $15 last time. First class the whole way. As much as I enjoy women in spandex and yoga pants etc., just follow the rules. Plus I’m from the old school and feel that you should dress nice on a plane.

  5. Big Bub

    6:05 Yes Hannah, John is telling you what women love. You don’t have to say “thank you” though, seeing as how you don’t represent all women, and may not be included in with the women being referenced. Also John may identify as a woman, so John may be speaking on the issue as a woman. How dare you try to silence a “woman’s” (or anyone’s) opinion. Smh and you say feminism is about equality for ALL, yet you discriminate and shame others that don’t fit into your box of traditionalism or what YOU deem appropriate.
    You have no credibility being outraged at united airlines when you’re just as or even more biased than they are.

    1. Chrissy B

      William Damron – Exactly.  And according to the news segment, they were told more than once what the dress code was.  Plus they were LEGGINGS not yoga pants.  Some leggings aren’t thicker than tights and fits more like tights.

  6. gerble36

    If the rules apply to men and women, why is it sexist? They only gave examples of it happening to females, but I’m sure there are guys that have been refused too in other instances. People need to stop and learn what sexism really is. News flash, it isn’t sexist when the rules apply to both genders. But if you are representing the company you are working for that’s giving you the cheap flight, it is well within the rights of them to expect you present yourself professionally.

  7. John Luu

    so they want employees and their friends and family members to represent the airline properly. nothing wrong with that. but as long as the person is not working but actually going on holiday or something, I first of all couldn’t care less about what they’re doing or wearing, and also i wouldn’t recognise a stewardess if she wasn’t working and wearing her uniform.

  8. 3608mamita

    People using employee passes or buddy passes on airlines have to follow a dress code. This has been going on for decades. As a college student using a buddy pass back in the 90s, I was told that I was not even allowed to wear blue jeans. I had to wear a dress or slacks to achieve a professional look. Anyone who is flying on a buddy pass or employee pass is representing the airline even in an unofficial capacity. They want the look of their employees to be of a certain decorum. It’s their right to enforce their own rules. This is NOTHING new.

  9. BlackFox

    The dress code for people using the employee pass is not new, I flew on an employee pass as a kid and I was made to wear dress slacks, and a tie. The whole idea is to dress business casual, and I don’t see spandex as being business casual attire. The real topic here that should be discussed is the manufactured outrage. A business casual dress code seems like a fair exchange for a free flight.

  10. dvid22

    leggings are not pants second they also don’t allow small bottles of shampoo , nail clippers, etc on any flight. not to mention a lot of flight are cold in flight. it is up to you if you want to catch a cold. on a airplane i want to be comfortable too but you dont see males in their underwear and socks on the airplane.

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