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Gypsy Bride Needs A 53ft Lorry To Carry Her Wedding Dress | Gypsy Brides US

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To celebrate her marriage to Kurdish Traveller Zuki, Greek Gypsy Tatiana goes all out with a bridal gown so long she arrives at the wedding on a flatbed lorry.

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    1. Emily Wiebel

      The brides father is in the picture?? I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of the my big fat Gypsy weddings where the father wasn’t in the picture and the one paying for the entire thing lol

    2. Benita Shain

      Not all gypsy’s are like that trust me I would know being a gypsy myself, my grandmother and mother married at 18 and 19 but as times change we marry at an older age and our dresses are not like this, I mean we like puffy and big princess dresses with bling but not like this and this is too much but to each their own i guess

    3. makouchii

      @Martina R classy meaning that for once, everyone in the wedding is dressed well and for once, not wearing tacky clothing or just a simple shirt and dress, the dress despite it being immensely large, actually looks slightly normal with the usual white and pattern. The area too isn’t too bad compared to others. It’s not that sort of classy, but it does have some towards it.

    1. Pink Lady

      Taxpayers pay for her wedding dress and support her people’s lifestyle. The big fat wedding is only one day of her life. It is stupid to waste all that good money on an extravagant wedding.

  1. Kirs Tron

    this girls dress was gorgeous… I would never wear it myself but she looked beautiful. this was probably the one gypsy wedding that i feel was done right, wasnt rushed by some ignorant family trying to marry off their CHILD, and was very classy. I hope her marriage lasts and is a happy one…oh and the husband is pretty cute and has all his teeth 😁

  2. Arianna Bacchus

    This is the first gypsy wedding I’ve seen that looked like an actual wedding with people that actually knew each other and not just people they randomly picked off the streets. She seems happy so I see nothing wrong with this.

    1. elektron117

      @Barry Irlandi Bro, you comments gave me a heart attack. That’s marrying a child, Jesus Christ. My lord.

      But I get it, it’s your culture or sub culture. I don’t agree with it, but I get it.

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