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How Jeans Should Fit ( Men’s Denim Guide )

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How Jeans Should Fit. In this video, Jeff from The Style O.G. discusses exactly men's jeans should fit. He goes over the 4 areas that men need too pay attention to get jean fit just right.
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  1. Dareien Goens

    The diaper load comment had me weak! Besides that, you’ve helped to inspire me to get my wardrobe right. I’m 23 and finally getting it together. Maybe one day you can help me out at cherry hill mall, I’m still in need of help. Anyway, salute to YOU my brotha! Your channel is on point.

  2. Fragrance Mafia

    I really appreciate the help Jeff. Especially coming from a Black Man. The Black Men in our community could really use a fashion makeover. Over the last year i’ve been gradually changing my style to match my fragrance collection. I own 211 fragrances…And i wasnt dressing as good as i smelled. Being a 6ft brother with a 48 waist i’ve always been afraid to wear my size fit Jean. i was wearing size 52 loose fit thinking i looked fly, like i’m still a teen…LOL.

    But since i’ve bought Monk Straps in various colors i’ve been wearing my Jeans straight fit, i’ve had the bottoms of them tapered to fit right around the shoe. I’ve been wearing Vest & jean combos with collard shirts & ties. And guess what ??? I’ve been getting a lot more attention from the ladies…LOL

    Your vids are very reassuring, they’ve been a GREAT help,. I plan on watching them all. I’m glad i found your channel. Keep up the good work bro….I’ll always be tuned in.

    1. MrHahaveryhappy

      I’m doing the same.. I’ve always just wore jeans and white t-shirts.. my gf is loving me now because of this man. It all started with chukka boots. Now I own chinos,oxfords etc and started collecting fragrances. Fragrances has helped my ptsd and anxiety which is crazy.

    2. The Style O.G.

      I’m so glad that are you finding the content useful! Means a great deal to me. I started the channel to spread my experience and acquired knowledge. The fact that brothers such as yourself are finding it helpful is very rewarding!

  3. Barry

    I have a slim athletic build so most denim are tight around my thighs and I usually have to size up and get them tailored to fit. I fix that problem when I came across “Bonobos denim” in their “Athletic Fit ” . They fit great, feel great and look tailored on my build. I’d recommend them to anyone with a slim waist and thick thighs.
    Keep the good vids coming!

  4. David A

    Jeff. Thanks for doing such a great job breaking down the cuts of jeans. I have had numerous disagreements in a particular style forum where it’s founder “Hates” skinny jeans. I’m sure you know to whom I speak of. With the different variations due to the brand I disagree vehemently that all men should consider a “slim” fit and look to no other cut with denim. I for one have found that “Skinny” can differ greatly from brand to brand and find they fit me better than any other cut. I wholeheartedly agree that the only way to find how the fit is to try them on and not discount any cut of denim. Great video. πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž

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