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How To Bustle an Illusion Train Wedding Gown

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How To Bustle an Illusion Train Wedding Gown

Many modern trains are offering a fresh new look of multi-length trains. The trains are different lengths and are often cut differently as well. This presents the need to #bustle in layers. This video will show you one way to bustle. The options are endless, really. This video will also help beginner bustlers to see a good mix of the #sewingtechniques that bridal seamsters use.

Comment down below of different techniques you use. Also, mention any questions you may have and this #community will help you out if we can.

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Link to video of how to sew a bustle loop:

How to make a measuring tape watch like the one I am wearing in the video:

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  1. Chelsey Sujak

    Thank you so much for making these videos. Please show us how to make gathered skirts. I’m having trouble patterning and assembling a classic gathered skirt it look so simple but it’s actually extremely hard.

  2. Beth Eubanks

    Love your technique with the snaps! I usually bustle the satin layers tucking them under to create a smoother satin layer, up high if that makes sense instead of French bustling the satin layer.

  3. Denice Colson

    Thanks so much! Two days before my daughter’s wedding I realized her dress didn’t come with a bustle! It’s an illusion gown, too. I was able to do the bustle using your instructions, even though I’ve never done one before.

  4. janise carreno

    Hi , your videos have given me the knowledge to be confident when working on bridal dresses. Thank you. I love the large hooks I spray paint them with KRYLON FUSION MATTE WHITE. It hasn’t scratched off

    1. Bridal Sewing Techniques

      I’m sorry, but I can’t. The bustle is a personal thing. The choice is determined by many factors; the bride’s height, the environment she is having her reception in, how she wants it to perform, and her personal taste in how she wants it to look.
      On the kind of dress you describe, some brides would pick a single American demi bustle, (one point on the outside.) Other brides would pick, possibly a triple french. There’s just no telling.
      You have to pin it up for them a few different ways and let them pick. They’ll also want to walk around in it and see how it feels bustled.

  5. Custom Fit/Couture Alterations

    You do great work! Thanks for sharing. I believe that I bustled a similar dress awhile back and it took awhile to figure out. Thanks for shraing. Remember the Association of Sewing and Design Professionals is a great organization for those in our business.

    1. Bridal Sewing Techniques

      Thanks! Lol, I’m actually extreeeemly introverted in forced social situations and therefore clubs, chapters, meetings, networking, etc are things that my worst nightmares are made of! But, someone else here in our community may appreciate the referral to a sewing association! 😀

  6. Debe Moffatt

    I just finished bustling a gown almost exactly like the one you are working on. I love your idea of using the snaps. I will go and add them before my bride picks up her dress tomorrow!

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