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How to Dart a Bust of a Wedding Gown, Bridal Gown Sewing, Bust Gaping

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How to Dart a Bust of a Wedding Gown, Bridal Gown Sewing, Bust Gaping #bustdart #perfectfit #learntosew
This video goes into the details of how to dart the bust of a wedding gown, but it also has a bonus section on how to close up a gaping sweetheart neckline for brides who have a concave chest or sunken sternum. This is a common alterations challenge. Ideally, we would lift the lace, do these alterations and then sew the lace back down. I have another video showing all of those steps on a different gown. This bride was tighter budget and didn't mind neat but visible darts. Don't judge! It is her dress and her choice, but this alteration is so clear to see and it included altering for a sunken sternum, so I think it makes a great example to learn from.

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  1. jbfansa

    This video came in great need for me. I got my dress altered and the person who did my alterations didnt address the gap even after pointing it out. So afterwards I looked around and it felt good being educated on what my dress needed.

  2. Tara Myers

    Thanks for this! I am sewing my daughters grad dress – and purchase a bustier for the dress for her to wear. The cups are a little large and I would like to take them in. Do you have a tutorial for this that I could follow? Thanks for your videos!

  3. Chelsea Vaughn

    Thanks for sharing! I have a bridesmaid dress that was cut wrong. It only needs a dart on the one side, the other fits flush. 🤷🏻‍♀️ The bust of the dress has lace and beads. This video should help me.

    1. Bridal Sewing Techniques

      Thanks for watching. If you want to do this the right way, also watch my video about reducing the bust angle. The lace should actually be dealt with that way. This video is a simplified alteration if you don’t have the skill set or the time to do it extensively. Good luck & thanks for watching! 🙂

    1. Bridal Sewing Techniques

      I’m trying to picture what you’re saying… Do you mean how you leave the needle down when you pivot a turn? Like how you turn a corner? ( & Of course!! Tips are always awesome!!)

    1. Bridal Sewing Techniques

      Absolutely. Thst’s what it is primarily used for. Crazy! I just put in a dart about 30 mins ago for that very reason. The bodice was tight enough, but the bust had wings! Lol

    1. Bridal Sewing Techniques

      Silje McHugh you can pinch both ways on the dress on the bride and see which one is the better remedy. Usually, darts keep a similar cup size, but tip back for modesty, and doing a small bust adjustment actually reduces the cup size.

  4. Cameron Bender

    Wow, that was a different way to tighten up the bust cup. FYI I might still use the side seam to take up the extra gap, by only pulling in the bust seam to meet the side seam, if than makes sense. This works great for smaller adjustments, say up to 1.5 inches. If you need to adjust the bust one 1/2 inch for example I’d pull the bust piece to meet the side seam the full amount (1/2 inch) and nothing from the side seam. The bust seam will overlap the side seam a bit, make sure the seam is flat, then trim once you are done. On occasion I have used the side seam as well but disproportionately to the bust seam, i.e., 75% off the bust seam 25% off the side seam. I even have attached a 1/8″ piece of elastic to the princess seam and sewed it into the side seam to keep it from gaping, (do not sew it to the full seam, tack if needed, similar to a waist stay) works great. I loved the work you did for the 2nd bust adjustment with the gathering. Thanks for sharing your skills.

  5. Marie Acuna

    I’ve never sewn before on wedding gown however it seems that ladies have faith in me to try to alter. Thanks for sharing this tutorial great job on this it gives me much encouragement! 🤗👰

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