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  1. B. Mather

    This is quite possibly the best video tutorial on all of youtube!  I expanded the pants on a suit I picked up at the thrift store for a gangster costume and everything went well.  The only difference was that my belt loop stitching doubled as the stitching that holds the waist panel in place but I figured that out pretty quickly.  Thanks!

  2. Janet Perkins

    Thank you for creating this video. It was so simple to follow that I was able to alter 4 pants for hubby to wear. Only ones suggestion picture seemed blurred other than that it was good. Do you have a video on how to hem men’s pants and take them in so the won’t be too wide at bottom. TIA

  3. Icarus3

    Great vid, thanks! Now my suit will be wearable again for my sister’s wedding in 2 days! The process is basically what I’d inferred from examining the seams, but this vid made me a lot more confident that I wasn’t going to end up ruining my pants entirely 🙂

  4. Amythist1

    Thank you very much for your clear instruction! My teen sons are growing so fast, they barely get one use from a new suit! Thanks to you we can save some money and still have pants that looks professionally tailored! Keeping you in my prayers tonight Jessica = )

  5. Eng iman

    thank you very much for the great video…could you please explain how to expand a long sleeves dress which is tight from the waistline and the bust? there is no enough seam so i want to attach fabric

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