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how-to-make-mens-trousers – waistband technique 2 part 1 full video

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how-to-make-mens-trousers – waistband technique 2 part 1 full video
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Another video from the trousers collection at the This time I am running through how to attach the waistband onto a pair of trousers. This is the second technique for waistband attachment. The Sewing Guru is a website designed in such a way that it is entirely video based and so it makes learning so much easier. To see the rest of the parts to this video, subscribe at

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  1. damonduewhite

    Thank you so much for this video. The only problem is, this video ends with you attaching the belt loops and I cannot find the video where you actually attach the waistband. Please help

  2. sajid ramjan

    Emely, I saw a video this morning, it said to sew slight out from the interfacing on one side only then just before you hit the corner sew at an angle across the corner like this symbol     / e.g. put a pin across the corner diagonally then keep the stitching to the edge of the interfacing.  Don’t do this to the other side.

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