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How To Take In Or Let Out Men’s Dress Pants At The Waist

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It's a well kept secret that men's dress pants waists are actually quite easy to adjust when taking in or letting out for fit and comfort. Soon you'll be altering all the dress pants you own!



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  1. AJ

    A good and informative clip on the subject at hand.

    I just had to let you know: that seam in the buttox, that crosses the waistband, is generally how they make dress pants. On a pair of jeans the seam almost never crosses the waistband. Obviously because jeans come from being a work pant and the first said seam is very bad for a work pant, it will break constantly. Especially with heavy materials such as denim. And dress pants are, more often than not, altered to fit the person who buys the suit better – hense the easier seam to alter. Peace

  2. Convenience and Practicality

    Thank you for this!! I need to take in some dress pants that came with a suit for my 13 yr old son who’s a skinny butt. The only question I have is, after you take the waist seam out to get to the crotch seam how do you prevent the cut seams on the waist band from continuing to unravel? If that makes sense?

  3. And Match

    Thank you so much for the video Phyllis! I watched and studied both the men’s and women’s pants versions before I proceeded with a pair of mine, which had a men’s type of waistband sewn and folded into the seam, so this was perfect! I was a bit terrified about stitching into the ditch, but thankfully all went well. Kudos for your wonderfully explained videos (and lovely soothing voice!) can’t thank you enough . ;-D

    1. Alterations by Phyllis

      You are the perfect example of SEE and SEW which is what I dream of when I make these videos. Congratulations on your masterful, super-hero sewing, And Match! Thank you for letting us know your results!

  4. H. Farrukh

    Hi, I desperately need advise. I ordered pleated khaki pants for my father from dockers. Unfortunately I ordered a size 36 instead of a 38 waist. Can the waist size be increased somehow?

    1. Alterations by Phyllis

      Not on Dockers, I’m afraid…the manufacturers make the seams so skinny. You’d have to devise an insert of some kind, not recommended. Return and reorder is my best advice. Suit pants yes for letting out, Dockers and jeans no. Sorry! Great question nevertheless!

  5. Bonnie Konjevich

    Ripped out the seam gently using the tool, without damage, the first time. It was the HARDEST PART. Your video confirms it’s being done right. A seamstress or tailor ‘s input is really validating.! Next the new seams WERE RE-SERGED like always…..It’s Confidence Building!

    1. Alterations by Phyllis

      A few reasons, actually: It’s standard procedure, one seam to deal with instead of two, doesn’t mess with the side pockets, and solves the problem chop-chop. Hope this info helps.

  6. Jennifer Haake

    Hello, I wanted to ask, would this process work the same if I am taking in more than 2 inches at the waist? I have a pair of men’s dress pants that need to go from a 32 to a 29. Thanks for the video!

  7. Flary Fox

    How do you find the merge point? Do you taper the entire length of the back rise all the way to the crotch? Or is it some point before? That part I wasn’t clear on. Thanks for the great video.

  8. Naat Collection

    Thank you so much for posting this. You saved my life. Tomorrow is my first day at the Deutsche Bank and you saved me. I bought a new suit but the waist was very very tight (I know my fault) but I couldn’t return it because the alteration was already done. So thank you so much. Now I can breathe in that suit like any human in this world -.-” hehe 😀

  9. Elaine W. Lane

    I’m so glad you put this online! My husband wanted me to alter his pants to be larger in the seat. He took them totally apart in the back before giving them to me and wanted them done in 25 minutes! I had never done alterations on men’s pants and wasn’t sure how to proceed. Needless to say, I didn’t get it done. Now I know how to put his pants back together with the correct size! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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