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How To Wear White Pants – Men’s White Pants Summer 2019

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Hi fellas! Today we're talking about how to wear and style white pants this summer and I'll show you several different outfits that I put together showcasing white pants.

Look 1:
Jeans – *not exact match
Shirt – *not exact match
Shoes –
Watch –
Sunglasses –

Look 2:
Jeans –
T-Shirt –
Shoes –

Look 3:
Chinos –
Shirt –
Shoes –

Look 4 & 5:
Chinos –
Shirt – *not exact match
Shoes –
Jacket – www.bananarepublic.com *couldn't find online

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  1. Alby White

    New to your channel and absolutely loving it wish I had found it earlier your styles nothing to flash or fancy just great simple affordable every day every occasion fashion and with great advice

  2. Romano Gitano

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Needless to say, the first outfit is my favorite with the striped shirt and beige striped jacket plus the white pants, the entire ensemble looked very sharp.

  3. John Myers

    John, you look great in white pants. You look so well put together, but to me the tears in the knees seem to distract from the look. Thanks so much, for your videos. I really appreciate your effort and sense of style! – John

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