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Is The Yoga Pants Trend Getting Out of Hand?

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Girls in yoga pants are taking over our gyms, our campuses (not to mention Reddit and male-focused websites), but is it a good look? Or just plain trashy? Do yoga pants only belong in the gym? And it is wrong to take an ass-focused self shot? In episode… five (?) of Trendy or Trashy, John Iadarola and Lisa Ferguson dive face first into… yoga pants. Tweet!

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What do you think about wearing yoga pants in non-workout situations? Is it ok for public? Can it be sexy, and does it depend on the thickness of the material? Let us know what you think down below with a comment!

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  1. Peng Vang

    Honestly, I do not see any problem with women wearing yoga pants whether going to the gym or not. I wear compressed pants to the gym or even to school and sometimes out grocery shopping. I think it is all about your insecurity; whether you don’t give a *bleep*or not about what others think.

  2. YeSuAre

    I love the trend, every woman wants to be wanted. Its primal and natural. If we try to police human urges, we will be no different than robots or machines. Don’t shame a woman for wanting attention its the way she is designed or evolved (depending on what you believe).

  3. Do Doa

    I wear tights/leggings (basically yoga pants) very often and it’s never to “show off” or anything like that. They are basically just black pants and they are extremely comfortable. No one I know wears yoga pants for attention. They are just really easy to match clothes with and are easy to move around in without being uncomfortable. Also, honestly I really don’t think that it’s trashy because they “show off your goods”. Are we going to say that dresses are trashy because they show your legs and if it is a tight dress it “shows off” your butt. Or skinny jeans. Or tank tops. By this logic we can pretty much ban all women’s clothing because the majority of it is tight and form fitting.

  4. Berlin-Uhren24

    Its funny to read all of the comments from horny teenagers in the comment section. Is it appropriate to wear yoga pants to a job interview (Not as a yoga instructor, obviously)? Then clearly their is some context to wearing clothes in public, and all of those saying “wear whatever you want, and no one else should care what someone else wears” are oversimplifying this issue. There is nothing wrong with women wearing provocative clothing, but there is also nothing wrong with TYT commenting on it, or others from making an opinion about the women who wear yoga pants in varying contexts. Many girls who wear them want the attention, and many simpleminded and easily sexually manipulated men are happy to oblige.

  5. ThirdGear

    Yoga pants are ridiculously comfortable, and they usually look at least half-decent, so why not? Frankly, I’d wear my Tae Kwon Do uniform everywhere if it were fashionably acceptable, that thing is unbelievably comfortable.

  6. Ashley Leonard

    I think it all depends on how the outfit looks. It’s all up to how you’re wearing the pants. If you’re showing camel toe, and they’re to tight of course it’s going to look trashy, but if you’re wearing them like Mila Kunis did I think it looks just fine.

  7. So Be

    Why yoga pants are good to wear
    1) Cheap
    2) Easy to find and fits correctly
    3) You can move freely and not be restricted from movement
    4) You feel good about yourself and confident
    5) Its good for cold or hot weather
    6) Can be worn at any event
    If you don’t agree, that’s fine. This is just my opinion.

  8. Cactus Jack Slade

    People can wear whatever they want. Yoga pants look good. There’s nothing wrong with sex or sexy. And it’s a strange contrast between men and women, because if every woman was ogling me and checking me out all the time, offended is the last thing I would be… especially if I dressed in a way that accentuated my most sexy features.

    1. Cactus Jack Slade

      @Hans Blitz um… yeah… Women are different from men. The point is, no one forced anyone to wear yoga pants. And if you dress yourself sexy, don’t get angry about being ogled.

    2. Hans Blitz

      There is no male equivalent.  If there was, it would be guys in weird pants that were skin tight around their nuts so everyone could see.  Think how that would go over.. girls wouldn’t even like it.

  9. DDnufcGamer

    Doing excercise, around the house fair enough. But if you’re going to the supermarket or something like that, I dont really see why yoga pants would be better/more comfterable than other trousers :S

  10. Rachet Clank

    I have been Peru, Brazil, and all over South America and Mexico.  And I can tell you, the US is way too conservative.  yoga pants are not trashy, they are sexy, like cleavage.   Women in Brazil are basically wearing thongs to the beach, and guess what? it wasn’t the end of the world and I just felt so liberated there, same thing in Peru.  Why not let women wear what they want and make them feel comfortable.  Just because a couple fatties complain about it doesn’t mean we have to stop it.  I’m all about women wearing yoga pants, it’s a step in the right direction.

    1. johnydangerously1

      America is WAY too sexually conservative. But that’s what ya get for having so damn many conservative Christians here. Sucks big time. It’s those same people who try to limit women’s reproductive rights. Just leave women alone, dammit! If you don’t like women wearing attractive/sexy clothing, don’t look. Keep your nose in your bible. 

    2. nubzar1

      @***** Yeah and that orphanage is gonna supply a college fund, or a proper “parent” there acting as the administrator for the children there. Are we arguing that we shouldn’t use birth control cause it stops the possibility of life? At what point do we consider two cells joining and growing to be a life, if it lacks consciousness or feeling is it really alive? 

  11. Constantine Valentine

    Maybe I’m not the target audience here but as a college student let me just say yoga pants are a godsend. Throw in a tee-shirt, or a tank top, a sweater or hoodie they go with everything! And it’s accepted no matter what (well aside from formal wear and times you need to be formal of course ) and it’s comfortable to be in all day for classes and running around.

  12. Chipotle Mayo

    I was terrified of wearing yoga pants. I thought I’d look hideously fat and disgusting, but then broke down and bought a pair. I love them now and wear them every day. I buy well fitted yoga pants that aren’t too tight, and are definitely not see through. I have trouble finding jeans that right, they either fit perfectly in through my legs (except being too long or too short) but are too loose around my waist, or fit perfectly around my waste, but fit weird around my legs, and also there is always far too much room in the butt and crotch region. Yoga pants can look fine with the right shirt, and are far cheaper than custom jeans

  13. Courtney Taylor

    I really don’t care. Guys and girls: do and wear whatever you please. If someone wants to do something, and as long as it’s not: irresponsible, dangerous, illegal, and not hurting or interfering with the rights of other people in any way, shape, or form; then it’s not a problem with me. Do your thing.

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