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  1. mariaaa26

    @wonderall100 Do you know what IS a waste??? People like you not living their lives cause you think EVERYTHING is a sin. The word shouldn´t even exist. I prefer Karma, makes much more sense.

  2. mariaaa26

    @ArielDarkBlade69 That´s what YOU would do but people take personal choices for personal reasons. What if a pregnant woman has a relative who is very ill or too old and wouldn´t make it to the wedding if they wait until the baby is born?.

  3. dw9559

    @booyah780 I was a virgin when I got married…so were most all of my friends…but my religion calls for it until marriage. But I’m still not against non-virgins not wearing white because the white doesn’t actually mean you’re a virgin. It was just a fashion trend started when Queen Victoria got married in a white gown–before that, gowns were all kinds of colors. As long as people know what they’re doing when they get married, I support it! The past is gone–the future is what matters!

  4. MyBaby91307


    havent you ever herd of people and there long engagements… sometimes things just happen all at once… you have to take what life gives you… love and war… pregnancy is beautiful and should be cherished no matter at what time in your life it may come… and who are we to judge!?!? after all I am BY NO MEANS perfect and i forget that everyday. It takes me going to work and seeing the less fortunate people to see that sometimes… we do what we have to do to get by.

  5. MyBaby91307


    you need to expand you way of thinking… what if she was going to get married and unexpectedly got pregnant. what if she had cervical cancer previously and her and her groom decided that they needed to act now and have a baby before they possibably had to take her cervix. there are a million possibilities that could have happened. what if she were raped and she is pro life. expand your mind

  6. killerhook07

    To all you negative thinkers, Babies are the greatest gift from God. Mothers protect your children, fathers support your families. Forget the ways of the past when pregnancy was shameful and some powers encouraged abortion. Rejoice in the beauty of creation. Jesus taught to protect the little children, and any who would harm them shall suffer the greatest punishment. Yes, teach your daughters and sons to be chaste, protect them from evil influences, but “judge not, lest ye be judged”.

  7. tahloooooolah

    its stupid people frown upon this. whose actually a virgin until theyre married these days. even people who claim to be probably arent.
    if people are against white maternity bridal gowns, they should be against women wearing white gowns when theyre not virgins, and believe me there would be a lot less white gowns worn if that were to be put in action.

  8. beachfeet1000

    As a Fashion professional I would say the style at 1:11 would be great for an expectant bride that was really trying to hide it, the tiers of lace draw the eye down and de emphasize the belly

  9. mariaaa26

    @816ang People can wear whatever color they want, white isn´t exclusive of virgins. Go get a life and let people do whatever they want. Or just step back into your time travelling machine and go back to whatever century you came from.

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