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Men Experience Pocketless Pants For The First Time

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Men, why do you think ladies get excited over pockets?

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Queen Anne Of Denmark 1611-1614 (1904)
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Suffragist Parade in New York
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Full Frame Shot On Jeans
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Activists at Women's Suffrage Booth
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Fashion – Noble ladies and Bourgeoises, France 18th Century
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Scene from Jane Austen's last novel PERSUASION
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Christabel Pankhurst at a suffragette demonstration, c1910.
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Make No Mistake
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Maggie Mei Lin


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    1. MoonDancer

      Omg this happened to me
      ok sooo
      I bought this sundresss not realizing it has pockets
      and when i got home i was addjusting it to fit me body and my hand went into the pockets
      and the pockets are not like those tiny pockets they are BIG pockets

    1. Adrienaline-rushed-art

      Rain Lithium im afraid of small backpacks because they’re easy to steal from where you can’t see, as adorable as they are. I’ve only bought one purse and it’s very small, fits money and my phone, but it was shaped like a fried egg and i needed it.

      Otherwise purses are all my abuela gives me

  1. Fiona Flagstad

    If my mom allowed me to even look at the men’s section, I’d buy jeans from the instead so I could have pockets and jeans that aren’t crazy tight, but unfortunately my mother assigns gender to every inanimate object and if I ever even suggested going into the ‘boys’ section, she’d steer me straight away to the women’s section and tell me to look for an alternative for girls. The worst part is I’m closeted genderqueer and I present more masculine, but that’s really hard cause I’m not allowed to shop in the boys section.

  2. Mitchie

    I sadly have my boyfriend carry my tablet in his pockets (I don’t have a phone) because I have nothing. When me and one of my friends went to the Punk rock flea market, she bought a shirt that had sewed in pockets and she was like, “Michelle, look! It’s actual pockets!” and we were just shocked and laughing. 😂😂😂

    1. Tasha Williams

      I have 4 kids n when they were little their sleepers had breast pockets their pants had back pockets n side pockets my daughter who was born in 2002 had baby gap newborn overalls with fully functioning pockets . N yes I have reached in my sons pockets n as soon as I did I regretted it ☹️

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