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Minimalist Men’s Pants Collection (Only 6 Pairs)

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These are the six pairs of pants every guy needs in his closet. With just these six pairs (two pairs of trousers, two pairs of chinos and two pairs of jeans), you'll be ready for any occasion. This minimalist pants collection consists of trousers (or "slacks"), chinos and jeans – two pairs of each type of pants.

Of course, you'll probably want to own more pants than just these six pairs, but this is a great starting point. If you had to build your wardrobe from scratch, these are the pants you would want to buy first. I'll show you each pair of pants, tell you where I got them and how I like to wear them.

Do you think you could survive with just these six pairs of pants? What are your "essential" pants? What did I miss? Leave a comment below, and thanks for watching!

#menspants #minimalism #pantscollection

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#6: Light wash jeans –
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I'm 5'6" with shoes on and about 123 lbs after dinner. I have a 34" chest; I usually wear XS tops and 28×28 pants (sometimes hemmed to 27").

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  1. Indraneel Majumdar

    The word “Khaki” comes from Hindi word “Khaakh” which basically means dust or soil and these type of pants were worn by the Cops and postmen (as uniforms) most of the time in India when it was ruled by the Brits.

  2. Saahib Khan

    Hi Brock, I must say You Rock!! Great videos and style tips…I really like how you show the dressed snapshots along the way…just spot on. keep up the great work n thanks for sharing.

  3. Dee Lesmana

    Hi Brock, I’ve been watching your videos and your posts in Instagram since few months ago, I can say I have exactly same taste and style as you. I always agree with all your color choice and style. Always enjoying your new posts, although I’m normally a quiet viewer πŸ™‚

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