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Nike Women’s Ad – SNL

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Introducing Nike Pro-Chiller Leggings, designed for endurance, but used mostly for sitting on the couch.


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    1. Canais Young

      Well, they knew it was going to be bad. But they thought it would be WWIII bad, not pandemic bad (source: the Come Back Barack music video). From the same video, there was also a throwaway line about voting for Joe Biden.

    2. Canais Young

      Well, the “Come Back, Barack” song said that 2020 would be a bad year (though they thought it would be because of war, not a pandemic) and the “I’d vote for Joe Biden” line eerily came true in the same way The Simpsons’ throwaway joke about Trump being president and the country being run into the ground came true.

    1. 789raiden

      @shockofthenew no that’s not it, you just seem to think you know what the other person was saying but you’re just making an assumption, there wasn’t nothing hypocritical about what I said just using her own words against her and since you obviously can’t tell that would actually make Julie the hypocrite 🤦. You’re mistaking freedom of speech with I’m right your wrong because she literally is saying if you don’t like it then don’t use it, who is she to tell someone not to use something if we’re talking about freedom? Like Sarah says, education is free so your free to use it

    2. shockofthenew

      @789raiden I don’t think you understood their comment. They were saying “since you don’t believe in feminism, I guess maybe you shouldn’t vote then.” That’s clearly sarcasm, since Julie seems to be a woman, and women are only able to vote because of feminism. They were not seriously telling Julie not to vote.

      Also, supporting everyone’s freedom doesn’t mean having no opinion on anything, just robotically saying “you have a right to your views” and shutting down debate. We all have the freedom to say what we want, and everyone else has the freedom to react and disagree (like we’re all doing here). Your comment is just incredibly hypocritical… the irony of telling someone to shut up at the same time as saying we should all have the right to our opinions… Not to mention you accuse Sarah of making assumptions and immediately go on to say they’re probably a communist! Ridiculous.

  1. not ur grandmas platanos

    Am I the only female who doesn’t really like wearing leggings to relax??
    I’d rather have some super baggy sweatpants, some pajama shorts or be in underwear
    Please tell me I’m not the only one

    1. saint nicole

      same. i’ll wear leggings out and about bc they’re cute but i hate chilling in them. i have pets so if they rub up against my legs and i get pet hair caught in my leggings it gets sooo itchy.

    2. Eric Roma-Garcia

      As a guy, I acutely one wear the fitting work out cloths (for me) for actually working out. They are great for that. But suck for relaxing and uncomfortable So I only wear baggy sweat pants at home. Which are hard to find now since Nike makes everything smaller

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