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11/25/2017 Update
A special thank you to everyone who backed the PIYOGA Indie GO GO Crowd Funding campaign! Thanks to your contributions we have jump started our goal to take PIYOGA international. We have entered the UK market by being featured in Yoga Magazine UK as one of the top ethical brand and participating in the OM Yoga Show, London

9/22/2017 Update. We are also now sold into 22 retail location nationwide with the USA and you can now find the PIYOGA band in the UK, Mexico, Australia, Norway, Singapore, Indonesia, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, South Africa and many more! Follow our journey on to see where we are going next and to see how we are writing the story of the "Sisterhood of the traveling yoga pants". You can also follow our story live on Instagram at

1/15/2020 Update. PI can now be bought on Amazon.com in the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, France & Spain thank to you continued support.

With love and gratitude,


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  1. Jessica J. James

    I love that you are making a brand to include all body types! Thank you! I have such a hard time finding size 18 yoga clothes. Yoga should be for everyone, no matter your body type!

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