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Professional Yoga Pants Try On

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I am wearing a size XS and am 5'2, 135 pounds.

Pants featured in video-

About Bamans
Bamans was born in 1998, is a company that are transforming from traditional factories to fashion brands.

For years, Bamans has strived to provide comfortable work pants for women, and undertake a large number of orders from hospitals, factories & hotels, has great experience of making stretchy work pants (namely dress yoga pants).

These pants with a dressy look and stretchy fabric, gives you a professional look and all-day comfort, especially for women who take on doing service job and always walking in a hurry.

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  1. Celimene

    These pants are AMAZING! They are so flattering on you and I can tell they are flattering on a lot of body types! Lucky you to be able to wear them at work. I would be so happy!! Thanks for sharing =)

  2. Gordo Pilantra

    O choque da bailarina é mais forte, mas o da social também pode matar em segundos. Basta eletrificar com os pés à mostra que você consegue fazer carvão de qualquer engraçadinho que fizer graça com você. ⚡☠️

    Aliás, você é muito linda.

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