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Ranking The Royal Wedding Dresses From Worst To First

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When Prince Harry announced his marriage to Meghan Markle, there was a ton of speculation about just what kind of wedding dress her royal highness-to-be would choose. Would she opt for an elegant Alexander McQueen gown, like Kate Middleton? Or might she choose a piece that paid homage to Harry's late mother, Princess Diana? Others wondered if she'd go a completely different route and choose something totally untraditional to celebrate the spirit of her union. In the end, she seemed to find a happy medium between classic and contemporary with her choice of a stunning Givenchy gown. Like many of her bridal predecessors, Markle's wedding attire was meant to be remembered in the context of royal history, so let's take a look back at all the recent regal wedding gowns, starting with the worst and working our way back up to the best…

Epic proportions | 0:41
Royal blue | 1:37
Over sized | 2:46
Part turtleneck | 3:42
Flight attendant | 4:23
Cap feather | 4:52
Simply '90s | 5:32
Timeless elegance | 6:12
Lace up | 6:50
Keeping classy | 7:40
True self | 8:27

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  1. Lyric BQ

    Diana, Princess of Wales wedding gown was fitting for the time in 1981. That is 38 yrs. ago and although styles do changes, Diana’s wedding gown will always be a timeless beautiful gown and part of history.

    1. Tonia Houston

      @Lyric BQ Can’t be any more of a mess than you. Just because someone else’s opinion differs from yours does not necessarily make it wrong. News flash: Not everyone’s style or preferences have to match yours . The world will not end if it doesn’t.

    2. elizabeth sheffield

      @NIcholas Bilski …..yes and there was a world-wide-gasp when she stepped out in a dress which looked like it had just been through a spin-dryer……and she knew it trying to smooth all the horrible creases out.
      So Sad.
      I guess the Emmanuels didn’t ‘t get many job-offers after THAT disastrous faux pas

    3. Trish Baum

      @Margo it was not a nightmare, a nightmare is avacado green, harvest orange and the ugly brown from the 70s anything in the 1970s was hideous. The ugly denim jeans and those type bell bottoms and platform shoes. I’ve seen brides maid dresses that looked like the 70s wallpaper from a trailer house in that era. Princess Diana’s was a style heading into the 1980s she was absolutely beautiful.

    1. Cheryle Lynne Mann

      Diana was so shy and beautiful
      She could have worn a dress from Walmart and the people would still have adored her. She loved the people and I think she looked as lovely as Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth did all those years ago. God Bless the Queen. To this day, she’s beautiful Everytime she
      Is presented anywhere. I have always loved her.

    1. Thomas Deanna

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  2. Terri B

    Diana’s dress was THE dress of that decade, a show stopper and everything you expected of that era. Sarah’s was beautiful with the A on the train. Kate’s was elegant and Princess Margaret was another personal fave. Eugenie’s was a modern Princess with that lovely back! Meghan’s was boring, very simple and not flattering.

    1. Sylvie Charlois

      It certainly was amazing then and set up a kind of standard for the “fairy tale princess wedding gown”. But I can’t remember what I thought about it at the time. Probably that it was a bit too much. It certainly engulfed her in a huge white cloud, pretty prophetic in a way of how she would be engulfed in a disastrous marriage. And did set the pattern for the terrible ” huge meringue” look so many brides chose afterwards, whether they could pull it off or not. Diana could pull it off, just barely.
      Just remember that it was the choice of a 19 year old girl who thought she was living her fairy tale dream of marrying her prince charming… The dress reflected that fairy tale element, in over the top 80s style ! It’s a shame the designer picked such a wrinkly taffetas though, as evidenced by the state the dress was in when Diana stepped out of the carriage.

    2. E Dennis

      I watched Diana’s wedding in real time. I was in my early 20s and I was appalled. It looked like a big ruffled balloon with no redeeming qualities. It was over the top in a horrific way. It was the sort of dress I would expect a working-class girl to think was a princess dress, but Diana was an aristocrat from a very long line of aristocrats.

    3. puppy love

      No, I watched that wedding and thought it was horrible on the day she married. It looked like a crumpled mess when she got out of that car to go in the church. All you saw was wrinkles..I can remember the female commentators on TV gushing over it, and I thought this is a good example of the lesson in that fable called “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. The dress was putrid then and still is today.

    4. Gisa W Slonim

      No it wasn’t, not for people of taste. Very young women loved it and those whose taste was nurtured by Bollywood but it was way, way over the top and I recall viewing the wedding on the tv and shuddering at the crassness of that dress. Her style changed and evolved over the years but at the time she was young and her taste had not as yet developed for simple lines and the adage that less is more.

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