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Review of Ripple Yoga Wear’s One Piece Jumpsuit – We Likey!

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Ripple Yoga Wear creates yoga and activewear using natural fabrics for yoga and pilates lovers. Their clothes are influenced by the philosophy and principles of yoga. We had the opportunity to try out several items from their women’s line, and we’re happy to report that we fell in love with every piece.

Check out the Ripple Yoga Wear Line:

For this product review, we featured the Criss-Cross Jumpsuit in light grey by Ripple Yoga Wear. Watch the video to learn why this yoga jumpsuit is 100% YogiApproved™.

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  1. thedancinglemon

    why does yoga wear have to be so expensive? I find that silly when from a yogic point a view, it’s so not nice to create this exclusivity and from a teacher point of view, we aren’t balling like that either. silly

    1. Paula

      Agreed. You can do asana practice in crappy sweatpants and a t-shirt. You can realize the Self no matter what you wear. Everything else is marketing and trying to part you from your money, and hypnotize you into thinking you need something that you don’t need, which is not a very yogic attitude.

    2. YogiApproved.com

      Hey thedancinglemon,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We agree that yoga and activewear can get expensive! Yet from our years of testing and reviewing products, we can say that often times you get what you pay for, and this is certainly the case with Ripple Yoga Wear’s high quality line made with eco-friendly materials and attention to detail.

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