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Sewing a Bridal Gown Part 1: Muslin

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The first step of constructing any new design is the muslin mockup. This covers pattern layout, cutting, thread tracing your pieces and then sewing them together to create the basic foundation of the dress.

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  1. Betty Lo

    Im a new fan and an aspiring beginner ! I am so amazed at your quality of new videos ! I’m totally looking forward to your next one on this new wedding dress journey. I was looking through your Instagram and saw your tbt crop silk top and heavy satin bottom . It looks so beautiful and would LOVE to see the whole piece ! Maybe a video idea to recreate it ? Just a thought… you have amazing talent !!! :)))

    1. Threadora Gowns

      I measure the client and draft the pattern on paper or muslin using my dressform. I have a video on blocking muslin and a video on the process too. Eventually I’ll be doing the whole process with this dress.

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