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    1. eowe o

      @Livy_lights I know I look good, it’s just I’m naturally underweight and the only “skinny girls” that are represented are with big butts, wife hips, big boobs, thick thighs, etc. But yeah, you’re right tho.

    1. Emilyyy

      I actually used to hate on this one girl in middle school who wore flared yoga pants. At the time my reasoning was because it looked “tacky”. I can 100% confirm now that it was because I was insecure 🤷‍♀️ I was jealous that she could wear something out of trend with so much confidence. She didn’t deserve that from me, and she looked great in them.

    2. Inessa

      Oh my goodness, me too. I was very indifferent to fashion up until my mid-teens and my mother always picked out modern clothes that matched the trends during her youth. Got made fun of quite a bit. Love seeing my bullies enjoy it 8 years later though!

  1. velvie’s world

    Amazing that they add people of all colors and sizes ❤️ I know that that is a basic thing and everyone should do that, but it’s still perfect inspo to make videos and this is how every video should be ( I don’t mean that every video has to be a styling one but this is the type of video I like that includes everyone. It would be even better if boys, gender fluid and all other sexualities would be there too but this is very good too ! ) and I love styling videos so this is my ideal type of video ❤️ thank you 🙏

    1. Saahiti p

      @Gxgi_Rose exactly
      im a very thin person so i think that skinny jeans wouldn’t look good on me
      on more plus sized people ive seen, skinny jeans look amazing on them

      its just depends on your body shape and how you style it

  2. Flaminia Schäfer

    I remember wearing these for pe in high school and I wasn’t really mocked for it but you just know that skinnier leggings would have been the correct societal norm 😹 always found a flared yoga pant to be more flattering tho

    1. Nadežda Mirković

      Me too with flared jeans. I got them in Mango in 2019 and people were asking me if they’re my moms. It was definitely considered to be weird. I loved how they looked on my and knew they will be trendy in a couple of years. Now here every domestic online store sells flared jeans.

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