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The Most Magical Winter Wonderland Dresses | Say Yes To The Dress

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See some of the most magical winter wonderland dresses from the show, including some amazing sparkly ballgowns and princess dresses!

Catch Say Yes to the Dress on TLC – Sky 133, Virgin 162, BT TV 323

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  1. Tassnime Essaidi

    *the blue dress is magical but the top part looks like two bob pads, too bad it would have been perfect if it was a bit more covered.The bottom of it is definitely breathtaking, i would love to wear something like this in my wedding*

    1. Shai nope

      @UC_3s0cDVik-2_IZAvHrLikw not me my unfortunately comments like these all threw high school being called a boy or ask the chest bump becauseI have nothing to hurt . Id love to look more feminine

    1. Mushi Mushi

      I absolutely LOVE that dress and I wish I could wear it to my wedding but the boob circles look completely ridiculous! If you put lining on the dress to cover up then that dress would be 100% perfect

  2. bellabana

    The last dress was so UNFLATTERING on her figure, with her long torso it just made her bust look droopy & low slung, she needed a style that would lift her bust up & not have them at waist level. So many other styles would have suited her figure much better! The UK version always seem to pick dresses that don’t flatter the brides shape!

    1. That guy on the dime

      Its not about being a prude or shaming revealing clothes or anything, its very obvious that the simple see through top with only two spots covering the chest doesn’t seem to fit the very large and detailed bottom dress. Its confusing and almost offputting to look at, but that top wouldve possibly worked with a tighter fitting dress rather than the princess style bottom.

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