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The Proper Length for Every Type of Pants

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How long should my jeans be? Should I bring them to the tailor? How long should my chinos be? How short should my cropped pants be? These are all questions that us style enthusiasts have once asked ourselves, or still ask ourselves today. In this week’s video we go over what the proper length is for every type of pants.

Pants worn in the video:

1. Black Jeans:

2. Beige Chinos:

3. Navy Suit Trousers:

4. Joggers: (different color)

5. Black Cropped Trousers:

White Sneakers worn in the video:


It Starts With This – Mike Franklyn
Detergent – Dylan Sitts
Verbatim – Guustavv, Jobii, Justnormal ft. [ocean jams]
Pineapple – Yomoti
Shinigami – SINY
Nice Coat – Dylan Sitts

All music downloaded from Epidemic Sound:

Shot with:

– Canon 6D MK II:
– Canon 24-70mm f/4.0 Lens:

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  1. Schwanzus Longus

    Man, I love this channel. No absolutes, no constant product placements, no constant yelling, just short and to the point tips to improve your style, all brought across with a very chill attitude. I don’t think any other YouTube channel has helped me improve my personal style as much as this one has.

    1. Tim Dessaint

      @Daniel Chang I do integrate sponsors, just on a less frequent basis than you might be used to from other channels. I typically do 1 sponsored video per month (sometimes 0, sometimes 2). The reasoning behind this is:
      1. I think it allows for a better viewing experience
      2. It allows me to be highly selective with the brands I work with, and truly only work with brands I align with

  2. Saleem Saddiq

    Ive been watching for about a week now and literally only just realised you only have 100k subs. I honestly had it in my head that you were at like 1.5m. I cannot wait for this channel and the budget to blow tf up because in a week alone you’ve elevated my dress game SO much

    1. Maladjusted Maverick

      Can relate! I’m also a girl but this is the only fashion content that has ever made sense to me. I love the concise, simple, straightforward way in which it’s presented. Fashion is something I want to succeed at because it’s important in social/professional settings, but I have a hard time mustering the energy to care and not falling back on jeans and sweats all the time.

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