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  1. Carl Hicks Jr

    Ok, I used to be a stand up comic for a living. Did it for about three years, and it’s made me something of an observer of comedy and that ephemeral ‘what makes this funny and that not funny’ aesthetic.
    And I could go on for a page and a half on just how *genius* the ‘But I’m not a normal person and nobody was home’ is.
    I’m a pretty jaded guy and have a black sense of humor and that has got to be the cleanest dirty joke that nearly made me fall out of my computer chair in YEARS

    1. kelli blue

      You have probably by now seen more of Tim’s work. He has truly been blessed with a very wacky sense of humor, spot-on comedic timing, incredible musical talent, and just an all around ability to see the absurd in everything and make people laugh…till they about fall out of their chairs! I’ve heard other comedians wax about how they knew early on that Tim had that intangible “it factor” early in his career, which he then honed to perfection. I only just discovered him very recently, so am kicking myself that I knew nothing about him 5, 10, 15 years ago. He’s now semi-retired, but I sure hope he manages to stage a comeback. 😉👍

  2. ShiroiŌkami A. Potter

    My wife was out for three days to visit her mom
    I was supposed to cook and clean while she was gone
    Somehow she never buckles under all the demands
    I had to know her secret, I had to understand

    Well I thought it might be coffee but that gives her the shakes
    It might be soap operas but she says they’re too fake
    It’s not the car she drives or what she puts in her hair
    I realized it’s got to be something that she wears

    Yoga pants,
    She wears them all day
    Yoga pants,
    At work and at play
    Yoga pants,
    What’s all the fuss?

    What makes them so special that they keep them from us?
    Yoga pants

    Well any normal person would leave it alone
    But I’m not a normal person and nobody was home

    My wife was out of town and the kids were outside
    I went into the bedroom and decided I would try her…
    Yoga pants, Mh!
    So stretchy and thin
    Yoga pants, Mh!
    Feels like my own skin
    Yoga pants, eugh!
    Where you been all my life?

    I’ve never done yoga, but these make me want to try

    Yoga pants, mh!
    So soft and so sleek
    Yoga pants, mh!
    Feels good on my cheeks
    Yoga pants, eh!
    I’ll just say thanks
    I don’t wear yoga pants… I wear Spanx

    Yoga pants
    Yoga pants

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