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The Best Cargo Pants For Streetwear Style
From their origins in 1938, cargo pants have changed a lot over the years. Originally worn by the British Armed Forces, they’ve now become a streetwear staple.

Today’s cargo pants are usually slimmer fitting than the originals, but there’s a lot more to cover than that.

Let’s go over some different types of cargo pants, things to keep in mind when shopping for a pair, and some tips on incorporating them into your outfits.

Cargo pants are usually made to bend easily at the hips and the knees due to their original use in physical environments, and are known for their characteristic pockets on the outer side of either leg (but the pockets can be elsewhere, too), near knee-level.

While the pockets aren’t usually used to carry much around these days, they used to have strategic purposes like allowing soldiers to carry more rations with them. The size and the shapes of the pockets can vary, but you’re more likely to find a cellphone or a Moleskine in those pockets than rations or maps.
Buying Cargo Pants

Here are a few places you can pick up the best cargo pants, no matter what you’re looking for.

Affordable basics, they have a number of styles to choose from, including ones with adjustable waists and cuffs which gives you some variety in how you can wear them.

None of them are going to be particularly over the top style-wise, and the quality is good but not exceptional. If you’re not looking to spend too much, this will be your best bet.

At the end of the day, it’s all about taking a timeless piece like cargo pants, and making them your own.

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  1. C. Dee

    I love how G-Star Cargo Pants fit. I bought a green pair, the fit was amazing!! I recently bought a Camo pair and a dark navy pair and like them as well. G-Star most definitively has good cargo’s (little pricey) and I would cop a few more pairs if I see anything else I like.

    1. Osareme Edosomwan

      I own stone island cargo pants and one pair cost $343 with that money I could have bought more Gstar cargos I am Definitely given them a chance in 2020 I hear the quality and fit is amazing from everyone

    2. Keezy TV

      yoooo thats wassup! Yeah I’m glad more people giving G-Star a chance instead of buying hyped up denim from other brands. G-Star has been around for too long and been making quaity stuff for years. And I agree with you, the cargos fit really well!

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