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Walking in a puffy bridal gown, how to walk in a wedding dress, tips

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This tutorial is about how to walk in a puffy bridal gown, and contains a very important information and useful tips. We, women, don't wear long and puffy dresses on daily bases, and no bride wants to trip on her way to an isle. Learn how to do that with ease! Please note, that the dress have to be no longer then a floor length (plus 1 inch allowed), or no tips will help!

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  1. Apocolypse Hope

    Thank you! I have prom next week and my dress is bigger than two people – I have nowhere to practice walking in it but this will have helped a ton! I can’t imagine ruining it 🙁

    1. Ted Wheeler

      Your response is appreciated. I am an occasional crossdresser, who loves the most feminine of female apparel/accessories. A heart isn’t accessible from my end of the internet, so I gave you a like. Thank you so much!

    2. zulastudio

      Some prefer no petticoats at all, especially hoop ones, that considered to be mostly for stage wear. But even regular petticoat helps caring the dress. I usually recommend it when dress slightly too long. But all the same rules apply for either way, and especially if the bride doesn’t like too much volume in the skirt and has no under skirts.

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